Unusual Move: President Biden Did THIS Off Stephanie Abrams’ Chest During An Interview

 Unusual Move: President Biden Did THIS Off Stephanie Abrams’ Chest During An Interview

(The Weather Channel)

President Biden had an unusual moment during a rare interview early Wednesday. The 80-year-old president reached out and brushed an insect off meteorologist Stephanie Abrams’ chest in an awkward encounter on The Weather Channel.

Known for his tactile interactions, Biden was deflecting a question about his stance on declaring a climate crisis a national emergency when he noticed the insect crawling on Abrams’ suit jacket.

According to a new york post on Tuesday, August 9, 2023, Biden has previously pledged to “be more conscious” of personal boundaries following allegations from several women about inappropriate hugs, touches, and gestures.

He attributed his behavior to changing “social norms” that now view such actions unfavorably. “I understand it, I hear what they’re saying, and I will be much more considerate,” he stated in 2019.

Just before the unexpected interruption involving the insect, Abrams questioned Biden about his readiness to declare a national emergency regarding climate change.

This move could potentially activate temporary executive powers to boost renewable energy production, allocate federal funds for disaster relief, and limit oil drilling and investment in fossil fuels.

“Already done that,” Biden shot back. “Nationally, we’ve conserved more land, we’ve moved in to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. We’ve passed the $360 billion climate control facility. We’re moving. It is the existential threat.”

Continuing her line of questioning, Abrams further probed the 46th president on the matter, inquiring, “Have you already officially declared this a national emergency?”

“Well, practically speaking. Yes,” Biden replied.

Back at the studio, hosts of The Weather Channel’s America’s Morning Headquarters conducted a live fact-check of the president’s statement, highlighting that “despite appeals from certain Democratic leaders, the President has yet to formally declare a national climate emergency.”

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