‘I have your back’ President Biden Delivers Bold Assurance to Black Americans in Recent Pledge

 ‘I have your back’ President Biden Delivers Bold Assurance to Black Americans in Recent Pledge

Joe Biden (images credit: Getty Images)

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on Saturday, President Joe Biden emphasized his ongoing support for Black Americans, highlighting his administration’s efforts in aiding Black-owned small businesses and notable achievements in job creation.

Biden confidently asserted his unparalleled support for the Black community, comparing his efforts favorably with those of any president since Lyndon Johnson. According to a report by The Hill on March 11, 2024, Biden pointed out a significant increase in Black wealth, citing a 60 percent rise across the board. He attributed this success to government initiatives that provided loans and direct payments to Black business owners, facilitating the start and expansion of their enterprises.

The President expressed his conviction that given equal opportunities, communities of color can achieve unparalleled success. Furthermore, Biden underscored the support he has garnered from key political action committees representing Asian American, Black, and Latino voters, including the AAPI Victory Fund, the Collective PAC, and the Latino Victory Fund.

“I have your back, as much as any president has in American history since Lyndon Johnson,” Biden responded. “Black wealth has increased by 60 percent, across the board.”

These groups have not only endorsed Biden but have also committed $30 million to mobilize communities of color in support of his reelection bid. Biden also highlighted the record number of small businesses established during his term, the highest in the last fifty years, underscoring his commitment to the backbone of the American economy.

He detailed his administration’s focus on American manufacturing and the labor of American workers, noting that a significant portion of the manufactured products would be allocated to minority businesses, with 21 percent already achieved, surpassing the initial 20 percent goal.

These efforts, according to Biden, are not just economic measures but steps toward fostering national unity. As the 2024 election cycle nears, Biden’s focus on these achievements is part of a broader strategy to reinforce his appeal among Black Americans and other communities of color.

However, critics argue for a deeper examination of Biden’s claims, questioning the specific impact of his policies on the observed increase in Black wealth and the long-term benefits of government loans and direct payments to Black-owned businesses.

As the election approaches, the effectiveness of Biden’s outreach to communities of color and the tangible results of his administration’s policies will be crucial factors in voters’ decision-making processes. The endorsements and financial backing from prominent political action committees signal strong support, but the real test will be the electorate’s response to Biden’s tenure and achievements.

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