Biden Challenged Us to Name One of His Failures. Here Are 8 Big Ones

 Biden Challenged Us to Name One of His Failures. Here Are 8 Big Ones

Source: ABC News

President Joe Biden acknowledged the anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act’s signing at a White House event. During his address, he boldly questioned: “Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we failed on.” It’s evident he was referring to America’s broader historical accomplishments, not just his tenure.

However, considering the current administration, several objectives seemingly haven’t reached their intended marks:

Inflation: Despite its title, the Inflation Reduction Act hasn’t achieved its main goal. Biden acknowledged the misnomer, emphasizing its focus on alternative strategies for economic growth. Presently, inflation rates are higher than when he started his term.

Government Spending: Contrary to Biden’s claims of fiscal responsibility, government expenditure in FY2023 has escalated dramatically, reaching twice the amount of the previous year.

Build Back Better: This ambitious agenda of Biden’s campaign faced significant opposition and didn’t pass, even with the Democratic majority in both Congressional houses. It seems to have lost traction in political discourse altogether.

Border Challenges: Reports suggest deteriorating conditions at the southern border. Overcrowded facilities and allegations of inadequate care and abuse persist. Despite the critiques, the administration maintains the stance that the border remains secure.

Energy Policy: Under Biden, the U.S. shifted from an energy-independent nation. Notable actions include his decision to terminate the Keystone XL pipeline project, potentially strengthening Russia’s energy influence.

COVID-19 Management: Although Biden inherited a decreasing trend of COVID-19 cases and vowed to curb the virus, the situation worsened. More Americans succumbed to the virus during his initial year than the previous year, overshadowing any narrative of triumphant control.

Election Reforms: Post-2020, Democrats sought to cement various election strategies into federal laws. The proposed reforms included expansive mail-in voting, elongated ballot acceptance durations, and reinstated felon voting rights. Efforts to abolish the Electoral College also came to the fore. Nonetheless, these extensive reform plans didn’t fully materialize.

Afghanistan Withdrawal: Arguably one of the most criticized moments of Biden’s tenure was the chaotic pullout from Afghanistan. Neglecting military counsel, the hasty exit allowed the Taliban’s swift resurgence, culminating in a tragic Kabul Airport attack that claimed 13 U.S. service members. This incident has cast a lasting shadow on Biden’s approval ratings.

While critiques remain, these challenges reflect the complexities of governance in unpredictable circumstances.

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