Biden Campaign Ad Warns of Trump’s Potential “King-Like” Rule

 Biden Campaign Ad Warns of Trump’s Potential “King-Like” Rule


Ahead of Independence Day, President Joe Biden’s campaign has released a new ad warning that Donald Trump could rule like a king if he returns to the White House. This warning follows a recent Supreme Court ruling favoring Trump. The ad opens with a powerful statement: “Nearly 250 years ago, America was founded in defiance of a king, under the belief that no one is above the law, not even the president — until now.”

These words set the tone for the ad’s urgent message. The Supreme Court recently made a significant decision in a 6-3 ruling, granting presidents broad immunity from criminal prosecution for “official” acts. This decision has raised concerns about unchecked presidential power. Biden’s campaign is leveraging this ruling to argue that Trump could wield excessive power if he becomes president again.

The ad claims, “The same Trump Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade ruled that the president can ignore the law, even to commit a crime — because Donald Trump asked them to,” according to HuffPost. The ad also highlights Trump’s past actions and future intentions. “He’s already led an insurrection, and threatened to be a dictator on day one,” the narrator says, as per CNN.

The ad concludes with a strong message: “Donald Trump can never hold this office again.” This new ad is part of a broader strategy by Biden’s campaign, targeting key battleground states and diverse audiences through networks like ESPN, Bravo, and Comedy Central. Michael Tyler, a spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, elaborated on their perspective, as reported by The New York Post.

Tyler emphasized that the Supreme Court’s decision could grant Trump the power to pursue dangerous policies if he returns to office. He cited Trump’s campaign promises, such as altering the Constitution and imprisoning political opponents, as now feasible due to the court’s ruling. The ad arrives at a crucial moment for Biden, who faces criticism following a poor debate performance against Trump. Some Democrats are even urging Biden to withdraw from the race, fearing the threat to democracy if Trump wins.

In response, Biden’s team is fighting back, using the Supreme Court ruling to go on the offensive. They describe this moment as pivotal for the country. Quentin Fulks, a top campaign official, made a dramatic statement, saying the ruling gave Trump “a remission slip to assassinate and jail whoever he wants to gain power.” The Biden campaign is heavily investing in this ad, part of a seven-figure buy in key battleground areas, aiming to reach a wide audience, especially younger voters. This ad underscores the campaign’s strategy to highlight the potential dangers of a second Trump presidency and to rally support by emphasizing the importance of democratic principles and the rule of law.

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