Biden Asked ‘What Do You Want’ to Marine Injured in Afghan Explosion, But That’s Not Even the Worst Part

 Biden Asked ‘What Do You Want’ to Marine Injured in Afghan Explosion, But That’s Not Even the Worst Part

Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images

A recent account shared by Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a Marine injured during the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal, has shed light on a contentious interaction with President Joe Biden during a hospital visit.

In an interview on “The Shawn Ryan Show”, Vargas-Andrews detailed his meeting with President Biden post-injury. After losing an arm during the Afghanistan embassy evacuation, Vargas-Andrews recounted a somewhat awkward attempt by the president to shake his right hand, which was no longer there. This gesture, whether a result of oversight or genuine confusion, led to a series of exchanges that many have found perplexing.

Vargas-Andrews continued by noting that, rather than addressing his injury or the situation in Afghanistan, the president chose to speak about his son’s military service. This shift in conversation added to the sense of disconnect many felt was evident during the visit, according to the Western Journal.

Furthermore, Vargas-Andrews’ mother expressed her disappointment and concern for her son’s well-being, challenging the president to ensure her son received proper care. The conversation took another unexpected turn when Biden reportedly asked the Marine, “What do you want?”

For many, this interaction raises concerns about President Biden’s awareness and empathy, particularly in high-pressure situations or when handling sensitive matters.

While President Biden has faced scrutiny for various policy decisions, this particular story brings up questions not just about his policies but also about his personal interactions and the manner in which he engages with individuals affected by his administration’s choices.

Critics argue that incidents like this, combined with other controversies, may pose challenges for Biden as he looks ahead to a potential 2024 re-election bid.

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