Biden appears to FORGET the name of devastated Maui

 Biden appears to FORGET the name of devastated Maui


President Joe Biden, while speaking about the devastating wildfires in Hawaii, appeared to momentarily forget the name of Maui, the island most affected by the fires. The incident occurred during a speech in Milwaukee, where he was discussing his economic initiatives.

Earlier in his address, Biden acknowledged the state of Hawaii and particularly Maui, which recently saw a historic city, Lahaina, engulfed in flames. However, later he stumbled upon referring to Maui, stating, “Because there’s still some burning on the Big Island, not the one you see on television all the time.”

The wildfires, which began on August 8 in Maui, have resulted in the tragic loss of at least 99 lives. Residents were seen seeking refuge in the ocean to escape the advancing flames.

When questioned about the escalating death toll in Hawaii by reporters on Sunday, Biden had responded with “No comment.” However, on Tuesday, he elaborated on the federal relief efforts, announcing a $700 one-time grant for the victims through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The President and the first lady have plans to visit the affected sites. Biden stated, “My wife Jill and I are going to travel to Hawaii as soon as we can,” but clarified that they didn’t want to disrupt ongoing recovery efforts. He emphasized the administration’s commitment to assisting Hawaii, assuring that every available resource would be allocated to the region for as long as required.

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