Expert Rethinks Trump’s Trial Prediction After Recent Court Decision

 Expert Rethinks Trump’s Trial Prediction After Recent Court Decision

(Alex Brandon/AP)

Legal commentator Elie Mystal, known for his contributions to The Nation, has revised his earlier prediction concerning former President Donald Trump’s likelihood of facing trial in the federal election subversion case.

Mystal initially believed Trump wouldn’t stand trial ahead of the Republican National Convention. However, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan’s recent decision to set a trial date for March 4 has him reconsidering.

On the social platform X (previously known as Twitter), Mystal humorously acknowledged his potential misjudgment, expressing surprise that Judge Chutkan is treating Trump like an ordinary citizen.

He pointed out that, while trial dates might shift, the timeline seems tight enough to conclude proceedings before the RNC in July. Chutkan was not swayed by the proposed trial dates from either side. While the special counsel favored January, Trump’s defense aimed for April 2026.

The judge emphasized the need for Trump to prioritize the trial, drawing parallels to a hypothetical professional athlete’s case, where personal schedules shouldn’t dictate trial dates.

Mystal admitted that this turn of events is causing him to reevaluate his predictions, jestingly mentioning that he might owe several dinner invites due to his earlier stance.

As of now, Trump is slated to face four felony trials next year, with charges spanning two federal and two state cases, totaling 91 criminal counts. Despite these legal challenges, he remains the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

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