Ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Charged With S*x Crime

 Ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Charged With S*x Crime

Courtesy: ABC News

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged with a s*x crime in the Albany City Court, New York State courts spokesman Lucian Chalfen said.”A Misdemeanor Complaint against former Governor Andrew Cuomo has been filed in Albany City Court,” Chalfen reportedly said in a statement. “As this is a s*x crime, a redacted complaint will be available shortly.”

In the redacted complaint, an investigator for the Sheriff’s Office alleges that “at the aforesaid date, time and location the defendant Andrew M. Cuomo did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim and onto her intimate body part. Specifically, the victim’s left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his s*xual desires, all contrary to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided.”

The alleged crime reportedly took place on December 7, 2020, at Cuomo’s mansion in Albany.

If Cuomo is convicted, he will have to register as a s*x offender.

The name of the alleged victim was also redacted but according to the New York Post, it is Brittany Commisso, former administrative assistant in Cuomo’s office.

The imminent arrest is the reason why New York Attorney General Letitia James told “a key union leader” earlier this week that she is going to launch a campaign for governor “shortly,” a source told the newspaper.

James is expected to announce her bid next week, challenging the current state governor Kathy Hochul, who has been dealing with a scandal related to deaths in state nursing homes during the most difficult period of the pandemic last year.

The embattled governor announced his resignation on August 10, after James concluded a lengthy inquiry into his alleged s*xual misconduct. The investigators interviewed around 200 people, including Cuomo’s former employees and a number of women who had previously complained about the governor.

They also examined thousands of documents, photos, and text messages. The criminal probe started on 3 August following James’ announcement that, according to the findings, Cuomo s*xually harassed at least eleven women, including members of his office and one police officer.

Six days after James’ report, Brittany Commisso revealed in an interview with CBS that the former governor “put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra” inside Albany’s Executive Mansion last winter.

Another controversy sparked during Cuomo’s term and investigated by James was the number of coronavirus-related deaths in New York nursing homes, allegedly underreported by the governor’s office. The figure was claimed to be significantly downplayed as Cuomo wanted to avoid harsh criticism for allowing unprepared and unequipped nursing homes to treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

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