Ana Navarro, Co-host of The View, Criticizes Florida’s Perspective on Slavery Education in Strongly-Worded, Explicit Commentary

 Ana Navarro, Co-host of The View, Criticizes Florida’s Perspective on Slavery Education in Strongly-Worded, Explicit Commentary

Whoopi Goldberg and Ana Navarro slam Florida education on slavery on ‘The View’ | CREDIT: ABC (2)

Florida’s attempts at recasting history are meeting significant resistance, particularly from Ana Navarro, cohost of The View and a Florida resident. Navarro, a Republican panelist, passionately voiced her criticism against Florida’s new education standards, which suggest that enslaved people in America gained “personal benefits” from slavery. Her fervent remarks were heavily censored due to the explicit language used.

“As a Florida resident, I’m extremely angered by the culture wars Ron DeSantis has initiated. When he claims he’s not involved, it’s total nonsense,” Navarro declared, with her expletives being silenced. “He’s responsible for creating the environment that led to this situation.

They claim the standards have been updated to show how enslaved individuals developed skills that were advantageous for them. Slavery was the darkest era of American history, a time of national shame. People were torn away from their native lands and forced into ships, shackled, and made to row from Africa to America.

Upon arrival, they were sold like property, separated from their families, physically abused, overworked, and sexually assaulted. How could you dare to distort the horrific reality of slavery?” Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator, also spoke out, specifically targeting DeSantis for obstructing the true representation of slavery.

“Teachers don’t intend to make your children feel guilty. They aim to educate them on our American history to prevent its recurrence. Yet here’s DeSantis, seemingly determined to replicate past mistakes,” she noted. “As long as we have institutions like the Smithsonian, books, and oral family histories, the truth about slavery will not be erased. Our ancestors knew what happened, passed down through generations. It’s not acceptable to call our families liars. DeSantis, you are an absolute disgrace.”

Florida’s education board recently approved a controversial curriculum that underscores how slaves supposedly gained personal benefits from slavery, leading to widespread condemnation. Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking in Jacksonville, Florida, stated that the state is attempting “to replace history with lies,” as reported by NBC News.

Harris further added, “These extremist leaders should represent the correct approach if they truly care about our children’s welfare. Instead, they’re audaciously feeding propaganda to our children. We’re in the United States of America. This is not what we should be doing.”

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