Millions More Americans Face Hunger Challenges During Biden’s Tenure: Report

 Millions More Americans Face Hunger Challenges During Biden’s Tenure: Report

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The Biden administration, often promoting its economic strategy termed “Bidenomics”, is facing challenges, with recent data suggesting economic difficulties for many American households. Despite various media outlets highlighting the positive aspects of the current economy, many Americans report a disparity between these reports and their personal financial experiences.

A recently published report by the U.S. Agriculture Department reveals that the number of Americans experiencing hunger and food insecurity has risen by 10 million since the start of President Biden’s term.

The report mentions, “From 2021 to 2022, significant increases in food insecurity were observed for nearly all subgroups of households.” It further states that in 2022, households without food security issues spent 15% more on food than those experiencing food insecurity, given the same size and composition.

Tom Vilsack, President Biden’s Agriculture Secretary, expressed his concern, stating, “These findings are alarming. As the pandemic’s impact decreased in 2022, the issue of food insecurity rose.” This comes on the heels of a report from the Census Bureau indicating the fastest growth in poverty rates in over 50 years during Biden’s presidency.

In addition to domestic challenges, President Biden’s foreign policy decisions, particularly regarding Israel, have impacted his approval ratings. A recent Gallup survey highlighted a drop of 11 points in Biden’s approval rating among Democrats, primarily due to his support for Israel, especially in the wake of the recent conflict involving Hamas.

Axios reported that the president’s firm backing of Israel and subsequent aid proposals may not have garnered increased political support domestically. Gallup’s October poll reported a 4-point decline in Biden’s overall approval, settling at 37%. Notably, this decline was observed among Democrats and a drop among independent voters. His support among Republicans remained at 5%.

Told NBC News, Michigan’s Democratic state Rep. Alabas Farhat expressed the sentiment of many in his community, stating, “Joe Biden has seemingly distanced a significant portion of Arab American and Muslim American voters in Michigan.” He emphasized the need for rebuilding trust, adding, “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

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