Alina Habba Pledges Rigorous Investigations into Democrats if Trump Returns to Office

 Alina Habba Pledges Rigorous Investigations into Democrats if Trump Returns to Office

Photo Credit: ABC News

Alina Habba, the attorney handling former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York, has pledged to launch thorough investigations into Democrats if Trump returns to office. Speaking at the annual Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Habba accused President Joe Biden of mishandling classified documents, contrasting his situation with that of her client, Trump.

Habba argued that the Presidential Records Act protected Trump in his documents scandal but claimed it wouldn’t apply to Biden’s actions as Vice President. She criticized Biden for storing documents in various locations, including in his car, and accused Democrats of using Trump as a distraction from their own misconduct.

Emphasizing her commitment, Habba stated, “They’ve got one year and then we’re going to be looking at them. Deep and hard.” Her comments, met with reaction from the audience, suggested an aggressive approach to investigating political adversaries if she were to assume a role in Washington under a potential Trump administration.

Trump is currently facing criminal indictments in multiple jurisdictions, including issues related to the handling of classified material after leaving office. Reports indicate that he took classified documents to his Mar-a-Lago estate, leading to requests from the National Archives for their return.

In contrast, classified documents from Biden’s tenure as vice president were found at his Delaware home. Biden’s legal counsel promptly informed the National Archives and returned the documents, marking a different approach from Trump’s handling of a similar situation.

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