Alina Habba, the attorney for Donald Trump, is criticized for providing “strange advice” and withdraws from testifying

 Alina Habba, the attorney for Donald Trump, is criticized for providing “strange advice” and withdraws from testifying


The upcoming $250 million financial fraud trial involving Donald Trump took an unexpected turn when his attorney, Alina Habba, made a surprising admission on Fox News, drawing ridicule and disbelief from legal experts. Former federal prosecutor Shan Wu, appearing on CNN’s This Morning Weekend, expressed his astonishment at Habba’s decision to publicly discuss her advice to Trump about not testifying in court. Wu, a legal expert and former counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno, described the move as unorthodox and questioned its strategic value.

As reported by Raw Story, Wu shared his concerns about Trump as a witness, noting his tendency to meander during testimony and the potential for hostility during cross-examination. Wu humorously pointed out that attorneys typically do not publicly disclose advice given to clients, as it’s generally considered privileged information.

Newsweek covered Habba’s appearance on Fox News, where she revealed to host Martha MacCallum that she had advised Trump against testifying, an advice he chose to ignore. This public revelation of legal strategy left Wu, among others, puzzled about the appropriateness of discussing such matters openly.

Wu critiqued Habba’s rationale, pointing out that testifying in court does not violate a gag order, which typically restricts discussing the trial outside the courtroom. He found Habba’s explanation and approach quite peculiar.

The plot thickened when Trump, scheduled to testify on Monday in Judge Arthur Engoron’s court, announced a last-minute decision not to testify. He stated on his social media platform, Truth Social, that his previous testimony was sufficient.

Wu discussed the potential challenges of a Trump testimony, suggesting that he might have been advised to emphasize the subjective nature of property valuations and accounting. However, Wu cautioned that Trump’s testimony might become problematic due to his propensity for meandering responses and potentially hostile reactions, especially if questioned by the judge.

Trump’s choice to abstain from testifying has led to speculation about the impact of his absence on the trial. The circumstances surrounding Habba’s advice and Trump’s reversal add an element of intrigue to a case already steeped in high-profile drama. The ongoing trial, entangled in allegations of financial fraud against the former President, promises further developments and complexities as it progresses.

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