The Lincoln Project Releases Ad Criticizing Trump, Sparks Debate

 The Lincoln Project Releases Ad Criticizing Trump, Sparks Debate

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The Lincoln Project, an American political action committee formed by moderate conservatives and Republicans opposed to Donald Trump, has released a new ad targeting the former president. The video begins with a clip of Trump endorsing the God Bless The USA Bible as his favorite book. It then highlights his legal troubles, including being charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. The ad is captioned, “He is not a Christian. He’s not a leader. He’s a Con Man.”

An X account shared the ad, commenting, “WOW! The Lincoln Project just released a new ad DESTROYING Donald Trump by using the 10 Commandments against him! This is a brutal takedown and worth a watch.” The post garnered agreement from several users. One post read, “This is spot on. For any Christians out there let’s be clear. Donald Trump is not one of them. He’s the antichrist.” Another user questioned, “The real question should be how stupid are the people of this country to believe a convicted felon?”

However, Trump supporters quickly rallied behind him. One user commented, “We were all safer when Donald Trump was in the White House. Make America SAFE Again!” Another argued, “They’re political ads! They don’t destroy anyone. They simply try to persuade you. Don’t get all giddy. Trump is going to be your president very soon.” Similarly, another user quipped, “Let’s see. I think you have ‘destroyed’ Trump about forty times. Need you go on? Why not build Joe up rather than Trump down? The voters are interested, as the polls clearly indicate.”

Critics of The Lincoln Project also voiced their disapproval. One user ranted, “And that makes The Lincoln Project people pretty low as humans. But we knew that! They are referring to a Christian document when they are certainly not Christians themselves. Hypocrites!”

In response to Trump’s legal troubles, President Joe Biden’s campaign released a new TV ad titled “Character Matters.” The ad argues, “This election is between a convicted criminal, who’s only out for himself, and a president who is fighting for your family,” as reported by CBS News.

Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director, Michael Tyler, delivered a statement on the ad, asserting, “Trump approaches the first debate as a convicted felon who continues to prove that he will do anything and harm anyone if it means more power and vengeance for him. We will make sure that every single day we are reminding voters about how Joe Biden is fighting for them, while Donald Trump runs a campaign focused on one man and one man only—himself.”

As the 2024 election campaign heats up, the rematch between Biden and Trump remains a focal point, with both sides vigorously promoting their messages to voters.

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