Britney Spears shares skull-faced baby’s photo with cryptic caption: ‘Devil is in the details’

Renowned pop star Britney Spears baffled fans as she posted a very creepy picture of woman cradling a skull-faced baby, captioning it it ‘Devil is in the details.’

The 39-year-old singer made a strange nod to her song ‘Baby One More Time’ as she captioned the photo: ‘Devil is in the details….wouldn’t want this baby to hit me one more time.’

Britney’s strange post garnered more than 200K likes with in hours, but in the comments fans expressed concern, others thinking it was some sort of sign.

The songstress shared another dance video of herself with the caption: ‘I’m an extremely wicked looking vampire but really that’s the whole point!!!!’

Free Britney movement fans have been making efforts to piece together her social media for a long time, with many thinking Britney Spears has been crying for help amid her ongoing conservatorship battle.

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