Bloemsma Van Breemen Project BVB44M takes shape on the shores of Holland

 Bloemsma Van Breemen Project BVB44M takes shape on the shores of Holland

Bloemsma Van Breemen BVB44M Yacht

Dutch luxury yacht maker, Bloemsma Van Breemen is working fast to put on the Project BVB44M yacht, for the rest of the world to see. Built with the designing expertise of Pieter Beelsnijder and the naval architecture of Vripack, this is one vessel which has components from the very best of Dutch equipment manufacturers. Just 44 metres in length, this might not be the biggest vessel there is, but the modern aerodynamic design sure could make some heads turn. The latest technologies and design systems have ensured that the most of the space in the yacht, is clean and free from too many machines. Though not named, the yacht is actually been built for Dutch owners.

Bloemsma Van Breemen Yacht

The most obvious feature of the Project BVB44M yacht was the usage of space to the optimum. The best examples are of the larger engine room on the lower deck, and the spread out sunbathing and relaxation area  on the sundeck. The owners area on the upper deck is no different. From the dedicated space for the guests, one would see the grand state room, the owners quarters have been given their lounge space, and the terrace, which are some of the most private areas of the yacht.

Bloemsma Van Breemen Yacht Pictures

One of the better things in this yacht, is the hiding of the excess fixtures in the most aesthetic ways possible. Some of the safety controls and the back-up features are located beneath the guest suites on the lower deck which also has the sizeable captain’s cabin and the 4 staff quarters, which in turn makes the engine room a clean and wide space to be enjoyed. One would also take notice of the high quality work done by De Ruiter Quality Interiors, with the pear wood lining on a large amount of surface area.

Last but not the least, the engine on board the Project BVB44M yacht will make this vessel travel at speeds of up to 15 knots, while the recommended cruising speeds remains around 14 knots. On each fill of the tanks, one could cover a distance of 4,100 NM before doing a refill. Seems like a perfect vessel to indulge on an European oceanic holiday in the warm summer season.

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