The 115m Submarine Yacht with Helipad and Swimming pool that moves below Deck when Submerged

 The 115m Submarine Yacht with Helipad and Swimming pool that moves below Deck when Submerged
  • The vessel has been named Migaloo after an albino whale
  • Designers came up with concept to satisfy demand from super-rich

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If you’re a Bond villain – or just super-rich – you could be in the market for one of these. Here is a yacht that will give any owner that sinking feeling – because it is also a submarine. Austrian-based yacht design studio Motion Code: Blue developed it as a design study of a six deck, 115 metre long private white yacht, called Migaloo and named after an albino whale. The studio came up with an extraordinary design concept to satisfy the ever raising demands from super-rich yacht owners who want to stand out from the crowd.

Submarine Yacht Photos

The hull of the 11 metre wide Migaloo is identical to current submarines. Only the tower is custom designed, which means it is longer and wider to host a light flooded main room followed by a wide staircase including a centered , round elevator shaft. The enormous aft deck allows for lounge areas, sun beds, a bar, an 8 metre by 3 metre pool as well as a helicopter pad. When Migaloo is submerged, all furniture is put away in large storage areas underneath the granite decking while the pool’s bottom raises up to the main deck level.

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The foredeck is fully dedicated to the owners’ privacy, hosting a full-beam private lounge. More lounge areas, a private bar and access to the  two-level-owners’ suite are directly underneath the foredeck. A telescopically extendible roof provides shade and follows perfectly the contour lines of the hull when closed. A spacious sun lounge on top of the tower completes the common amenities onboard a super yacht. The lounges are accessible via two wide stairways from the main deck or from all interior deck levels via the lift.

Submarine Yacht Images

The telescopically extendible roof provides shade and will also be closed when the owner prefer to dive with the yacht. For the crew, the design studio has planned an outdoor helm station on the forward top of the tower when the vessel travels above the water line. Otherwise the spacious bridge and all necessary technical rooms hosting the equipment to control the submarine are right underneath the tower in the hull. The hull’s design and dimensions are inspired by existing submarines. They are aid to offer extra ordinary space for the owner and his guests, which are accommodated in eight VIP-suites on sub-decks two and three.

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The owner has his or hers private-full-beam-quarters over two decks on sub-deck one and sub-deck two. Other luxury appointments include a cinema room, a library, a gym and a gaming room. Four wide side hatches two on each side, can be transformed into enormous beach terraces. A spacious dining area next to the saloon on sub-deck one and the adjoining beach terrace give luxurious access to the water. Lounges and a Jacuzzi enhance this area while a comfortable ladder connects the beach club with the main deck above for easy access to the water on these two decks. Removable sun sails on each deck guarantee pleasant sun protection. All tenders and toys can be stored in the beach club or on the deck below, so the transport of a wide range of additional vehicles is possible.

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Sub-deck four is entirely reserved for the crew quarters including crew mess, laundry and crew gym while the main galley is positioned on sub deck two underneath the dining room. The hull and tower are equipped with large windows of special pressure-proof glass to offer a breathtaking view especially when Migaloo is submerged. All windows are surrounded with underwater lights to provide stunning views when the yacht goes deeper. Communication and especially navigation is provided by common and well tested technologies and the hull is designed to reach a maximum depth of 240 metres. The company says it’s very likely to travel amongst school of whales heading into the deep while having a cup of tea and a good chat in the main saloon.

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A spokesman for Motion Code:Blue said: ‘Migallo was the result of intense research and the firm’s excellent knowledge of the current yacht market. ‘An increasing number of clients have exactly such special demands on the design as main points in their briefing for their designers, so the studio’s intention was to offer a stunning design concept especially for people who are willing to expand the borders of imagination.’ Managing directors Christopher Gloning and Christian Gumpold had the original idea which was, to transform the well known and tested shape of current submarine designs into a private yacht.

They wanted it to offer state-of-the-art luxury experience of same sized super yachts while having the huge benefit to submerge the whole vessel to travel and/or stay secretly and in total privacy underneath the waterline without any external disorders. The studio has recently completed several projects featuring both production yachts and super yachts currently under construction and has worked for yachts in Asia, Europe and the USA. – Dailymail

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