Woman shared Horrible Punishment she Experienced as a Child in Foster Home: ‘This broke my heart just to hear’

 Woman shared Horrible Punishment she Experienced as a Child in Foster Home: ‘This broke my heart just to hear’

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A Tiktoker Maymaymay (@fostercarechronicles) recently shared a story about one of her terrible foster home experiences.

Woman shared Horrible Punishment Experienced Child Foster Home

She shares these experiences on a regular basis since her page’s tagline is “Bringing awareness and sharing stories of HOPE.”

According to childwelfare.gov, nearly 391,000 children and teens are in foster care. Foster care, unlike adoption, is meant to be temporary, with children potentially sending from home to home. Up to 80% of that group has major mental health concerns.


In this testimony, she discussed one of the disciplining tactics used on her in a strict household.

“I got caught going into someone’s room one time, and I had to go through their room to get to mine, so it’s kind of dumb that that was a rule,” she said.

She mentioned that the parents were not allowed to use corporal punishment or anything similar. In response, she stated that the punishments were “creatively intense.”

“One of them was that you had to sit for hours on end,” she said. “You can’t move during these things. If you’re moving around or looking around, your time restarts”

She also said that they would sometimes force her to sit at the piano and stare at the sheet music for hours. @fostercarechronicles reported at the end of her account that on her way back to her room from the first punishment, she accidentally smashed one of the other kids’ toys. She had to return to sitting for hours right away.

There were also replies from people who showed they had experienced similar experiences to what @fostercarechronicles described.

“I was in foster care for four years and it sucked they I was always in trouble for something no matter what and the punishments were weird,” replied @ella_malcolm1108.

Yahoo’s In the Know reached out to @fostercarechronicles for more details on her experience but did not receive a response.

At the conclusion of the day, viewers expressed immense sympathy for her.

“This broke my heart just to hear, I’m so sorry u had to live thru it,” said @amy_r_giles.

While there is no part two of the story, @fostercarechronicles has several more memories from her time in foster care.

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