Calif. Woman Missing for 2 Months Found Dead After Suffering Car Crash Off Local Cliff: Police Reports

 Calif. Woman Missing for 2 Months Found Dead After Suffering Car Crash Off Local Cliff: Police Reports


The body of a California woman who went missing in August has been found, and police say she was killed in a car accident.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office announced on Facebook on Tuesday that a body believed to be Jolissa Fuentes was found by Selma Police Department chief Rudy Alcaraz.

He first found “vehicle debris” on Trimmer Springs Road, causing him to investigate further. He then discovered “old tire tracks that went through vegetation and off a cliff,” the FCSO added.

Alcaraz contacted Fresno County authorities and requested that search and rescue teams be sent to the area.

“Drones were flown and deputies rappelled down more than 400 feet off the roadway and discovered a damaged car. The vehicle belonged to Jolissa Fuentes,” the sheriff’s office explained.

Julissa’s remains, as well as some of her “personal belongings,” were discovered, according to the FCSO.

The coroner’s office is investigating to evaluate if it is Jolissa. Authorities believe there was no foul play.

The FCSO also shared drone footage showing the “sharp curve” and “steep terrain” where her car crashed.

Alcaraz said during a news briefing attended by Jolissa’s family Tuesday evening that it’s possible Jolissa was “up all night” and fell asleep at the wheel before the single-car crash.

According to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, the collision and the surrounding area are being investigated as authorities gather more information.

Noting that Alcaraz was the officer who made the initial discovery, Mims said, “Being a woman of faith, I think he was divinely channeled to that area, along with his police instinct.”

Joey Fuentes, Jolissa’s father, also shared an emotional message, first thanking the country for its help.

He recalled telling Alcaraz, “‘I want you to go after my daughter like she’s your daughter, Chief. He told me, ‘I promise you, Joey. I promise you, I will find your daughter.’ “

“He was a man of his word,” Joey said of Alcaraz. “He’s my hero.”

During their search for Jolissa, Joey said the family had heard “all kinds of stories” about her disappearance.

“I just got lucky,” Alcaraz explained about how he found Jolissa.

Jolissa was last seen on Aug. 7 around 4 a.m. The next day, she was reported missing.

Police had recovered surveillance footage from an AM/PM Gas Station, which showed her walking into the store and buying something from the front counter.

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