Woman Loses Feet After Being Pushed Onto Subway Tracks in New York City

 Woman Loses Feet After Being Pushed Onto Subway Tracks in New York City

(William Farrington)

In a distressing incident in New York City, a 29-year-old woman was critically injured after being pushed onto the subway tracks by her boyfriend, according to statements from the NYPD. The harrowing event took place at the Fulton Street subway station in downtown Manhattan around 10:30 am on a Saturday, where the woman was struck by an incoming 3 train.

Emergency services quickly responded to the scene, transporting the injured woman to New York City Health and Hospital Bellevue. Tragically, due to the severity of her injuries, medical professionals were compelled to amputate her feet. Despite the gravity of her condition, she was later reported to be stable by the police.

The NYPD announced that a person of interest in the case was apprehended on Saturday night. Local news outlets, including PIX11, have identified the suspect as 35-year-old Christian Valdez, who is now facing charges of attempted murder and assault. Reports suggest that Valdez and the victim were embroiled in a domestic altercation shortly before the tragic incident unfolded.

Eyewitness accounts from the scene describe a chilling moment when the woman, amid the dispute, exclaimed, “I don’t deserve this!” shortly before being forcibly pushed off the platform by Valdez. The police were alerted to the situation through a 911 call and discovered the woman on the tracks, where she was found to be conscious and responsive despite her dire circumstances.

Following the assault, Valdez reportedly fled the scene, leaving behind a scene of shock and despair among witnesses. The identity of the woman has not been disclosed as the investigation into this shocking act of violence continues. This incident has left the community and authorities in dismay as they piece together the events that led to this horrific act.

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