Wisconsin Man Charged with Killing Transgender Woman after His Arrest: “scream out, ‘I’m shot”

 Wisconsin Man Charged with Killing Transgender Woman after His Arrest: “scream out, ‘I’m shot”


The witness heard a gunshot and Regina Allen “screamed out, ‘I’m shot”. A transgender woman who was a customer at a gas station was allegedly murdered by a Wisconsin man.

Regina Allen, also known as Mya, was killed on August 29, and 31-year-old Clayton Hubbard has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide.

Before she passed away, Allen was able to call 911, speak with an officer, and provide a description of the shooter, according to the criminal complaint that PEOPLE was able to obtain.

“The victim told [the officer] that she had been shot by a white male, approximately 30 years of age with brown hair,” the complaint states. “She further indicated that the shooter drove a black Tahoe that had a child seat in the back.”

The responding officer was informed by Allen, 35, that she had met the shooter at a gas station and that he had picked her up in a black Tahoe down the block.

“The victim was unable to provide more information regarding the shooter and was taken to the hospital,” the complaint states. Later, she died due to her wounds.

A witness reported to the police that he saw the incident take place outside of Allen’s apartment building. He claimed in the complaint that he saw Allen exit the Tahoe and head toward her apartment building.

“[The witness] stated that the victim walked towards the grassy area near the sidewalk, where the victim appeared to turn back in the direction of the SUV,” according to the complaint. “[The witness] states that he thinks the SUV passenger side window was down. [The witness] states that the victim made a loud statement towards the SUV and appeared to be in an argument with the driver of the SUV.”

Allen “scream out, ‘I’m shot,'” according to the witness, and the shooter drove off “at a normal rate of speed.” When he arrived to help, he claimed Allen was on the ground and dialing 911.

The license plate and surveillance video, according to the police, allegedly connect Hubbard to the murder. A $250,000 bond has been set up to hold Hubbard. On October 11, a preliminary hearing will take place. It was not possible to reach his attorney for comment.

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