Stimulus Check 2022: Which states are issuing tax refunds this month?

 Stimulus Check 2022: Which states are issuing tax refunds this month?

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Millions of residents in the great state of South Carolina are set to receive a one-time income tax rebate of up to $700. These checks will start to show up in printed, debit card, and direct deposit formats in early November and will continue to arrive until the end of 2022. South Carolina’s Department of Revenue broke the news. However, this state will not be the only one giving taxpayers a reason to check their mailboxes or accounts.

This month, the great state of Massachusetts started refunding $3 billion in excess tax revenue to many of its residents. Illinois continues to issue $50 and $100 income tax rebates. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you whether your state is eligible for a tax refund check during the month of November. We will also inform you of the amount of money that your state will receive if it qualifies.

What other states are getting tax rebates or stimulus checks?

California will receive up to $1,050 in inflation relief checks via direct deposit or debit card by January 15, 2023. Colorado is offering $750 checks to people who file their 2021 tax returns by January 31, 2023, and $1,500 checks to joint filers. Delaware residents who have filed their most recent tax returns will receive $300 stimulus checks.

Florida receives $450 in child tax credits per child. Georgia is offering single taxpayers a $250 rebate, heads of households a $375 rebate, and joint filers a $500 rebate. Hawaii will provide up to $1,200 in payments to families of four and $300 in tax rebates to single filers.

Idaho will receive $75 for each taxpayer in the state. Maine provides direct relief payments of $850 to single taxpayers and $1,700 to couples. Frontline workers in Minnesota are eligible for one-time payments of $750. Individual filers will receive $500, while joint filers will receive $1,000.

In New York, tax rebates will be increased to $1,050 for approximately 3 million homeowners. Pennsylvania is providing standard rebates of $650. South Carolina will provide up to $800 in cash. Virginia will provide single filers with a $250 tax rebate and joint filers with a $500 tax rebate.

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