Weight-Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Hospitalized After Her Organ Began To Fail

 Weight-Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Hospitalized After Her Organ Began To Fail

(Image credit: Extratv)

Lexi Reed, known as @fatgirlfedup on Instagram, has been hospitalized for the past month when her organs began to fail.

Reed, who began documenting her inspirational weight-loss journey on social media in 2016 – the 31-year-old shed 312 lbs — began feeling ill a month ago, according to her husband Danny, who shared the news in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Sorry for the late update but I (…and family) have been focusing on getting Lexi back to health,” he wrote alongside a picture of a comatose Lexi, who is seen hooked up to countless tubes and wires in a hospital bed. “A few weeks ago Lexi kept getting sick and couldn’t keep any food down.

She then started acting differently so I took her to the hospital where they admitted her into ICU, placed her in a medically induced coma, on a ventilator, and me that her organs started failing. They also told me if I had waited it’s possible she could have died.”

Despite the fact that the news came as a complete shock to her fans, she may have turned a corner.

“She is currently in dialysis, can’t walk, and working on recovery. Sadly we do not have insurance. Thank you all for your prayers they all mean so much to us and this will be a long hard battle part of her story but she is strong!” he went on.

As per Extratv, the good news is that Lexi is awake, but she still has to work hard to fully recover her health.

She and Danny’s incredible weight-loss efforts have captivated social media over the years. Danny shed almost 90 lbs along with her own impressive results.

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