8-Year-Old Virginia Child in Coma After Being Shot While Playing Video Games

 8-Year-Old Virginia Child in Coma After Being Shot While Playing Video Games


The Virginia Beach Police Department is intensifying efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident wherein an 8-year-old boy sustained a gunshot wound to the head while engrossed in a video game session at his residence. On the distressing day of Tuesday, February 13, officers from the Virginia Beach Police Department swiftly responded to a report of gunfire emanating from the vicinity of the 3200 block of Peele Court.

Upon arrival, they discovered the young victim, identified as Landyn Davis, grappling with a grievous gunshot injury. Landyn was expeditiously transported to the hospital and placed into a medically-induced coma, grappling with the severity of his injuries, as per accounts provided by WAVY-TV.

In the wake of the incident, law enforcement authorities have yet to make any arrests, prompting a fervent appeal to the public to come forth with any information that could lead to the apprehension of the perpetrator or perpetrators and ensure that justice is served for the afflicted family. In a bid to facilitate the dissemination of crucial evidence, the Virginia Beach Police have established an anonymous digital evidence portal, urging individuals to contribute any pertinent videos or photographs that might aid in the ongoing investigation.

Recounting the harrowing ordeal, Landyn’s mother, Emily Davis, disclosed to WAVY that the trajectory of the bullet had targeted the back of her son’s head, inflicting a traumatic brain injury. Despite undergoing emergency surgical intervention, medical practitioners opted against extracting the bullet due to the inherent risk of exacerbating the extent of the damage already inflicted.

Meanwhile, as detailed by WVEC-TV, Landyn and his 15-year-old sister found themselves alone at home, with their parents attending a school event. The tranquility of their evening was abruptly shattered when the sister, overwhelmed with distress, placed a frantic call to their parents, prompting their swift return. Shockingly, the family estimates that approximately 20 bullets riddled their domicile during the onslaught.

Expressing his profound dismay over the targeted attack, Steven Davis, Landyn’s father, voiced his belief that the assailants had seemingly directed their aggression towards an individual situated near their residence. “He was just playing a video game, minding his own business. Next thing you know, he’s in a damn war zone,” lamented Davis in a poignant interview with WVEC.

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