Influencer Veruca Salt’s Newborn ‘Died in His Sleep’ & She May Never Know Why

 Influencer Veruca Salt’s Newborn ‘Died in His Sleep’ & She May Never Know Why


The digital community is enveloped in sorrow as social media influencer Veruca Salt, known outside the virtual world as Kimberley Summer Hartley, grapples with the profound loss of her infant son just over a month following his arrival.

The 25-year-old Australian, who has cultivated a significant following through her engaging content, turned to her social media channels this Tuesday to share the heart-wrenching news with her audience.

In a deeply personal and somber Instagram Story, Hartley conveyed the tragic circumstances of her son’s passing, revealing that Cash Harrison Stirling had died unexpectedly in his sleep the preceding Monday. She disclosed the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the cause of his sudden death, noting that an autopsy was scheduled in hopes of shedding some light, albeit with the understanding that answers might remain elusive.


i knew he was dead but there was a part of me that really thought they were gonna wake him up

♬ original sound – ❦

Hartley’s decision to speak publicly about her loss was driven by the contrast between her current state of mourning and the joyful interactions with her son that continue to circulate on TikTok, sparking well-intentioned but now painful comments from her followers. Her emotional turmoil was further evident in a TikTok post where she appeared visibly distressed, overlaying the video with a heartrending message about the irreversible loss of her son.

The influencer’s online community rallied around her during this time of unimaginable grief, filling her comment sections with messages of support and solidarity. Followers expressed their empathy and offered condolences, acknowledging the deep bond and love Hartley shared with her son, Cash.

Before this tragedy, Hartley had openly shared her journey through pregnancy with her followers, posting tender moments and anticipating the joys of motherhood. She introduced Cash to her audience shortly after his birth, celebrating the newfound love and devotion she felt for her son. Hartley’s reflections on motherhood and her candid sharing of her initial days with Cash painted a picture of a blissful beginning that has been tragically cut short.

Hartley, who has been candid about her work as a sex worker since the age of 18 and her subsequent turn to OnlyFans as a means of financial support, had seamlessly integrated Cash into her social media life, sharing the milestones and everyday moments of motherhood on TikTok.


barely slept bc i cant stop staring at him 😭

♬ original sound – ilham – am

The circumstances of Cash’s death prompted an investigation by the Queensland police, who responded to a call at Hartley’s Southport residence early Monday morning. While the initial findings did not suggest any suspicious activity related to the infant’s death, the investigation remains open, pending the results of the autopsy. Gold Coast police superintendent Craig Hanlon expressed condolences on behalf of the force, acknowledging the magnitude of the tragedy for Hartley and her family.

In the days leading up to Cash’s untimely passing, Hartley had shared concerns about her son’s health on TikTok, noting his need for a hospital visit due to a concerning lack of bowel movements. This detail adds another layer to the complex tapestry of joy, anticipation, and sudden grief that Hartley and her community are now navigating in the wake of this profound loss.

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