Unvaccinated Woman says she was paralyzed from the waist down after contracting COVID

 Unvaccinated Woman says she was paralyzed from the waist down after contracting COVID

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The infectious period varies from person to person, and most COVID-19 patients will experience a mild illness and fully recover in a few days, according to health officials. According to doctors, those who are more vulnerable to serious illnesses may require weeks or even months to fully recover.

This woman claims that her battle with the illness is far from done. She was not vaccinated when she caught the coronavirus at the end of last year. She was put on a ventilator only a few days after getting COVID, and a few weeks later she was left paralyzed from the waist down, as per Chattanooga Daily News.

Carla Bielkeiwicz, a resident of Louisiana, described her experience with COVID-19 as “a nightmare” in an interview with WAFB9. Carla started to the reporter that she became ill with the virus in December 2021. Carla claims that she was put on a ventilator right after despite not having received a COVID vaccination.

Carla, unfortunately, became paralyzed from the waist down a few weeks later. She allegedly informed WAFB9 that her feet were “the only thing she could move.” She reportedly said, “My head and my feet, and one finger.” The hospital’s medical staff reportedly informed her family that they should prepare to say they’re good byes at one time since she might not survive.

Fortunately, the brave woman won one round against the virus, but her struggle with COVID-19 was far from ended. She was unfortunate to learn from the doctors that she had “Long COVID.” Carla claimed that six months after the original infection, she is still having COVID-19 symptoms. She added that she had to learn how to walk and breathe on her own again.

During an interview with WAFB9 News, Carla reportedly said: “I’m my mother’s caregiver. I’m my husband’s caregiver at home. So not being able to go home and do what I need to do felt useless. So many times, I laid up in the hospital bed crying because I couldn’t do what I wanted and needed to do. My responsibilities.”

Carla claimed that while in recent weeks she has felt better, she still has a long way to go. On Wednesday, Carla allegedly left the hospital. Additionally, she told WAFB9 that she is sharing her experience with COVID-19 so that others will take the virus seriously and take precautionary measures to protect themselves.

Health professionals claim that there is no set point at which someone is recognized as a long-term COVID patient. It is difficult to determine the actual prevalence of long COVID since different studies have used different definitions of the disorder. According to a study, 30% of people with mild illness had ongoing symptoms nine months after the first infection.

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