Twinner Puts American Car Dealers on Equal Footing with E-Commerce Giants

 Twinner Puts American Car Dealers on Equal Footing with E-Commerce Giants


The Twinner Group, a startup that works with Europe’s leading auto companies and a number of dealer groups, brings American dealers on par with e-commerce giants without these dealers having to make large investments or buy expensive machinery.

Twinner’s unique car scanner creates a complete Digital Twinn car. It offers a 360-degree view of the roof, trunk, interior, and underbody so that the consumer can “see” whether the car has been painted as a result of an accident – and all without having to set foot in a car dealership.

Twinner announced its US plans on Tuesday at the Digital Dealer Show in Las Vegas.

According to Silvan Cloud Rath, CEO of Twinner, the average dealer group can expect to increase their returns rate by 15 percent and save up to $ 400 per car and benefit from the increasing trend of online used car sales. Experts estimate that by 2025, 25 percent of all used cars in a $ 1 trillion market will be sold online.


If we break a bone, we’ll do an MRI,” said Rath. “Or, we get a CAT scan for brain injuries or a chest x-ray for the heart, lungs, and other internal organs. We thought, ‘Why not do that for a used car?’”

The technology is similar to medical scanning technology. When vehicles drive into the Twinner Space, multispectral sensors and lasers scan the car to create a Digital Twinn of unparalleled quality, Rath said.

We create a Digital Twinn, which is comparable to a clean bill of health, a skeptical buyer can see it for themselves — from their living room,” Rath said. “They don’t just have to take the seller at his or her word.”

You can even zoom in and detect scratches on the rim of the wheel or tiny dents on the door. We want to increase consumer confidence and trust in digital transactions.”

Dealers don’t have to buy the scanner the company calls Twinner Space; You pay for every scan. The first scanners will arrive in the US in early 2022. Rath predicts that one-day Twinner will also help fetch a fair price if the original owner sells the car to a dealer.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Halle, Germany, Twinner scans vehicles and creates an identical data set. With this digital twin, cars can be viewed, bought, and sold online anytime and anywhere.

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