Trump Promotes Users On Truth Social To Pray For TFG’s Revival

 Trump Promotes Users On Truth Social To Pray For TFG’s Revival

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On Truth Social, former president Donald Trump wrote, “@truthseekerlearner.” That’s it, nothing more, nothing at all. As a result, when you visit the page, it is full of religious nuttery. The user account refers to itself as “The American Prayer Center.” Alright, then. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Their post reads as:

Merciful God,

We pray that You bring about Your Plan to reinstate Your Anointed President, Donald Trump. We ask that You soften the hearts of his enemies so that they will drop their fake charges and recognize the amazing things President Trump has done and continues to do for the American people. We ask that You protect him so that he continues being our bastion against the evils of a secular world that has forgotten the love of Jesus.


Let’s assume for a moment that we are the clown in this person’s shoes. They undoubtedly prayed for Trump to prevail in the 2020 election. They undoubtedly prayed for the candidate who worshipped God the most to win. Perhaps, just maybe, that is what God wanted to do rather than allowing a twice-impeached, one-term President to be reelected who has filed for bankruptcy numerous times, cheated on all of his wives, and is a habitual liar who lacks the empathy gene. Just a thought.

And right now, that poster is praying for Trump to be reinstated so he can remove an upright Christian from the White House and replace him with fraud. Truth Social is currently only accessible to users in the United States, but they’re working hard to bring it to other countries as well.

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