Trump asked if he is to be taken out of Mar-a-Lago ‘in shackles’

 Trump asked if he is to be taken out of Mar-a-Lago ‘in shackles’

(Credit: Reuters)

Right-wing host reacts to Jan 6 committee, A right-wing radio host lamented the Jan. 6 committee to Donald Trump, suggesting that Democrats wanted to put the former president in prison.

In an interview with Mr. Trump for his syndicated radio show The Wayne Allyn Root Show, Wayne Allyn Root made the remark. His complaints focused on Peter Navarro, Donald Trump’s former trade adviser, being arrested and charged with contempt of Congress.

“When they arrest a Peter Navarro, who’s next? You?” Mr. Root asked. “Are they gonna try and take you out of Mar-a-Lago in shackles? This is insanity!”

Mr. Trump did not respond to the images of him in shackles, which he said should have happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016 as he scolded her for using a private email server at the State Department and falsely accusing her of a litany of crimes, according to Independent reports.

In recent days, the 45th president has been furious at the January 6 committee as the panel’s inquiry continues to turn up more testimony from people close to him who told the committee how Mr. Trump sought 2020 election plots against their advice and warnings.

Even as members of his own family have testified in front of the committee to refute his claims of election fraud, he has raged at the panel as an unfair smear effort targeting his political interests.

In recent days, speculation has focused on whether Mr. Trump may face criminal charges as a result of the assault on Congress. Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger claimed on Sunday that the panel has already uncovered enough evidence to prosecute Trump with seditious conspiracy against the United States.

The Justice Department will have the last decision on whether Mr. Trump faces criminal charges, and no members of the Trump administration or campaign have been indicted in connection with January 6.

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