What Looks should you Avoid in front your Lady…!

 What Looks should you Avoid in front your Lady…!

unshaved-lookBoth women and men are conscious about their looks. The only difference is that women can better counter there darker side as compare to men. This article is written to honestly tell you that what women don’t like to see in you…? What are the looks you should avoid while dating. So here we go….!

Men’s careless ness ,odd dressing, unshaved checks can be ignored when he is a college or school student and spending the free bachelor’s life but when he is hunting for  a serious relationship and have   a quest to find his perfect lady then he have to be fashion conscious, he have to know the dos and don’ts of dating. Here are our few brief and easy relationship dating advice which will be a basic in giving you the relationship dating advice.Avoid long hair-It’s the matter of fact that most of the women don’t like long haired men until it gives a perfect twilight look. You should trim your hair well and in style before dating for a relationship. You’re neat and clean and personality type hair style will surely impress her.

Avoid dirty and UN cut nails-nails are the first impression indicator for women. Do remember that relationship dating advice that always have a cut, padi cured and shinny nails which shows your interest in yourself. It’s obvious that Girls like neat and clean guys with no careless indications. This will help you in long term relationship.

Avoid folded sleeves- folded sleeves are acceptable when a bachelor is cooking or cleaning or washing his own stuff but while you date you have to perfect man. For this remember that relationship dating advices that always keep you sleeves unfold and buttoned in the same way your collars should also be buttoned. It will give you a perfect family man image and believe us girls are searching for a man like this for a serious relationship.

Avoid slipper or joggers with pants-joggers are for jogging and slippers are for camping or to walk with in your home. While you date for the serious relationship you have to wear a perfect shining business shoes along with suits or even jeans. The business shoes give a responsible look which can’t be avoided by a girl. Have this relationship dating advice always in your pocket.

A senior relationship is what today everyone is looking for …Don’t loss it when you find it by Adopting silly looks. Act upon these easy to adopt relationship dating advice to be in right place.

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