Chris Kyle Facts – Top Ten Things You Might Not Know

 Chris Kyle Facts – Top Ten Things You Might Not Know

Bradley Cooper’s strive against Chris Kyle was impeccable. whereas the show gave U.S. a glimpse of the inner workings of the mind of USA’s deadliest crack shot, there area unit still a number of additional things concerning the “Legend” that you just may not apprehend of.

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Chris Kyle Family
Going to war took a whole lot out of his family life. Kyle once said that in his last three years of service, he only managed to spend six months with his family.

Kill count
His official kill count according to the Pentagon is 160. But according to his peers, the real number is double that figure.

Not Just a Sniper
Aside from being a decorated sniper, Kyle was also an entrepreneur. He founded Craft International, a private tactical training company, when he left the US Navy in 2009.

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Never Told Before
Kyle told a story about him killing two people who tried to rob him his truck in a gas station. He was driving his souped up Ford truck along Highway 57, when two thugs pulled him over and demanded his wallet and keys to the truck. Under the pretense of reaching for his keys, Kyle reached for his gun instead and killed the two would be thieves. While the above story remains unsubstantiated (and does not appear in the American Sniper book) according to many journalists, some of Kyle friends stood by it.Sniper-Chris-Kyle-08

First Kill
That woman was Kyle’s first sniper kill on the battlefield.Sniper-Chris-Kyle

Bear Hug
He once bear-hugged a former UT football star as payback for kissing his friend’s girlfriend. Kyle held the “hug” for a bit too long, that the football star lost control of his bowels.

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Love Guns
Kyle’s love for guns manifested at an early age. His dad bought him his fist gun at the age of eight. He loved to hunt with him and his brother. On his birthdays, he wanted to have BB gun wars with his friends.american-sniper-chris-kyle

Film vs. Movie
There are a lot of differences between the book and the film. In the film, Kyle killed a child AND a woman who tried to attack a group of US marines with a grenade. In reality, it was only a woman that Kyle shot at.Sniper-Chris-Kyle-006

His skills were so great that insurgents actually put a bounty on his head. Intelligence reports stated that the figure started out at $20,000, then was later increased to $80,000. Kyle once jokingly stated that he was afraid to return home since his might turn him in.Chris-Kyle-4

Owing to his prowess behind the sniper scope and on the battlefield, Chris Kyle had many nicknames. He was “the Legend” among his peers and the “al-Shaitan” or the “Devil of Ramadi” by Iraqi insurgents.

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