Hail! New Year is here!

 Hail! New Year is here!

romantic-valentines-giftsYayyee!! New Year is here. It’s time to cheer up and forget all the regrets we had from last year. It’s time for New Year resolutions.

We will all be making resolutions for the New Year as well. New year always seems to be the best time to turn over a new leaf in our lives, but as soon as the first month goes by, we all forget about our New Year resolutions like every other year and get along with life same way as usual.

Nonetheless, New Year brings excitement and more happenings with it. Everybody rushes to make arrangements for New Year parties, buy costumes and gifts for the occasion and say goodbye to the year in a memorable way. It’s a great feeling when you see New Year decorations all around you, shops littered with New Year cards, Gifts and New Year Decorations, shops full of people buying things for themselves and their loved ones.

New Year is a good time to remember all your loved ones and bring them closer through exchanges, wipe off all the bitter memories and start off a New Year with a New Year resolution to keep a happy relationship with those whom you love.

On the other hand, some people sit down to make long wish lists, which include everything from a new iPod to a tour to Europe. Even if these wishes aren’t fulfilled, it’s always fun to make them.

Apart from celebrations, New Year also gives rise to New Year resolutions. A 5 year old might make a resolution to save his pocket money in the coming year to buy lots of chocolates; a teenager girl might make a resolution to buy fewer clothes in the New Year, while an adult might have a completely different resolution for himself altogether. Many people look forward to turn over a new leaf in the New Year and feel like this year will they will make everything alright.

Making New Year resolutions is not only fun, but it also makes you realize what is to be achieved in the next year and which old habits are to be shunted away. Although, actually acting out on those resolutions starts to seem impossible as soon as the New Year approaches, but one always hopes that he will be a better person this year.

When you make resolutions, don’t just think of them as New Year resolutions but Life Resolutions. Take them seriously, evaluate them, test them and make sure that they can be acted upon. Stay committed to them as the New Year starts and keep making adjustments to them to make the most of them.

Make this New Year the best one by making the best New Year resolution and acting it out in the best way. Have a blessed and fun year.

Happy New Year!


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