The Cool Guy’s Guide To Music Festivals

 The Cool Guy’s Guide To Music Festivals

Cool Guy’s Guide To Music Festivals

Shaping up for any music festival, you can never being correct with skinny jeans, but if the journey’s end is very warm, shorts are also a great selection—just make sure to go for flat front over cargo styles.

Cool Guy’s Guide To Music Festivals

For uppers/shirts, go for graphic t-shirts with hip designs, and make sure to avoid the usual band, tasteless or ironic T-shirts and go for a trendy design that makes a statement. Pair with dark-wash jeans. For accessories and footwear, get old-school chic yet music festival-appropriate pair of sunglasses that you can also wear while catching some rays. When it comes to head wear, you can never go wrong with a baseball cap. It is useful all spring and summer long, and sneakers and slip- ons are a good idea as you’ll be standing and bouncing around for hours but if your upper is passive, go for a printed or patterned pair to add some life to the overall look.

To make things a little easier we’ve broken the style guide into six carnival standards. Find your fit, dress up and enjoy the music!

1): The Debutant:

Debutant Music Festivals

It’s your first dance music festival and you’re as happy as you can be. Make sure you’re well prepared and wearing the least aggressive paraphernalia thinkable. That means no onesies and shoes that can withstand 2 days of full sick beats. You’ll need one uniqueadd-on that clearly states ‘I’m the new guy’, we endorse a baseball cap.

2): The Shuffler:

Shuffler Music Festivals

Such kind is here to do one thing and one thing only; that’s dance. For the shufflers it’s about appearing as cool as thinkable without carrying any unnecessary weight that may reduce high speed dancing drag.

3): The Moody Hipster:

Moody Hipster
Moody Hipster Music Festivals

You’re one of the rare few who enjoy electronic music.  You’ll travel around reviewing performer performances then report back to the various social media outlets how electronic music ‘has altered’. These unpredictable souls will most likely buy their clothes from the op shop but for the few that don’t, we recommend keeping it old-school and fastened up to the top.

4): The Tops Off Muscle Guy:

Muscle Guy
Tops Off Muscle Guy

It’s been a long winter of heavy lifting and protein shakes. The only concern at this point is how shredded you can get over the two day party. For maximum miring opportunities we recommend going all out on a killer couple of shorts, shades and dance prepared running shoe, the rest will sort itself out.

5 ): The Privileged VIP:

Privileged VIP
Privileged VIP Music Festivals

These special individuals have kissed ass all year to ensure their survival at the music festival. The VIP pass is the golden ticket to no lines, better views and the revered clean urinals. They’ll almost certainly spend the entire fiesta talking bullshit, away from any mud/dirt and not see a single performance.

6):  The Superstar DJ:

DJ Music Festivals
Superstar DJ Music Festivals

If you’re reading this then, it’s all up to you. Hundreds of thousands of kids have spent their hard earned money on their tickets and they’re expecting to see a true rockstar. Do away with your thread less t-shirt and invest in looking clothes that say ‘international superstar DJ’, like Super Greg or that David Guetta chap.

Music Festivals are meant to be enjoyed to their fullest and what better way to enjoy then having the satisfaction of knowing that you are the most well-dressed person of the lot and have taste for good music as well. Truly a killer combination. So find your fit, dress up, and enjoy to the max!

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