DIY – Tips for Ultimate Garage Security

 DIY – Tips for Ultimate Garage Security

A garage is the gateway to your home–not only for you and your car, but for thieves and burglars if it isn’t properly secure. When protecting your home from intruders, be sure not to disregard the garage. Take charge of your garage and keep it secured and safe using the following security tips.

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Don’t Leave the Opener in the Car
The biggest tip regarding garage security is to keep your garage door opener with you at all times. This means don’t keep it in your car. Many people leave their garage door opener attached to the visor of their car, which makes it easy to snatch and allows quick access into the home. Use a small key ring garage door opener, which allows yours to stay with you all day.

Cover Windows and Close Doors
Be sure to always lock the door that leads from your garage into the house. Many people don’t do this, which means that if someone breaks into your garage they have easy access to your home.

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Cover any garage windows with curtains or blackout screens, or frost them with window paint.

Keep your garage door closed. Leaving it open is like an open invitation for thieves to enter your home. If this proves difficult and you tend to forget to close the garage door, purchase a garage door monitor from your local hardware store. This handy gadget will remind you whether the garage door is open or closed by lighting up red when the garage door is open and green when it’s closed.intelligarage-igx-garage-security-1024x682

Reinforce Locks
The door that goes from your house into the garage should have a strong deadbolt and a door strike plate in order to prevent easy entry by kicking in the door. Strong, reinforced locks and doors make it much more difficult for anyone to break in. If you have a side door that leads into the garage from the outside, make sure it is equally secured with locks and a strike plate. Tips_for_Garage_Security_2

Invest in Secure Technology
High tech garage door options are available and much more secure than some of the less expensive options. Technologically advanced garage door openers are designed to prevent hackers from being able to discover the frequency of your garage door opener. Once hackers have the correct frequency, they can tap into it to open the garage door.

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Other high tech openers will close the garage door automatically if it is left open for a certain period of time. Some systems can even connect to your cell phone to let you know if the garage door is open or closed and some have access to close the door from a remote location.

One of the easiest ways to protect your garage is to install a security system that includes your garage. Be sure to implement all other methods of security such as locks and secured windows and doors if you’re going to invest in a whole-house security system.

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