Venice Italy – The City on Water

 Venice Italy – The City on Water

Venice Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Each year, thousands of people visit Venice Italy from all around the globe to experience the magic of this spell-binding place. Whether you stay in Venice Italy for a week or a month, at the end of your trip you will still want more of this city and it is a guarantee that you won’t feel bored for a minute even.

As soon as you reach, the primary attraction in Venice Italy is the Grand Canal, the biggest and most important canal thoroughfare of Venice Italy alongside which grand palaces, houses, buildings and other landmarks are present. A ride through the Grand Canal on Venetian Gondolas is a must in order catch a glimpse of entire Venice Italy at a glance.

Once you have taken the exciting Gondola ride, the next spots in Venice Italy for tourists are St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Mark’s Square. St. Mark’s Basilica, an 11th Century church speaks for its mystic beauty itself. The grandeur of this church takes you in a world apart and its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not a typical Gothic church rather; it has a Byzantine touch to its architecture. St Mark’s square is right in front of the St Mark’s Basilica. It is one of the most beautiful squares of the world and the best time to experience its beauty is early morning or late at night when lights look like sparkling stars on earth.

Apart from these top tourist attraction in Venice Italy, if you plan to experience something different and truly Venetian then visiting the nearby islands is a great idea. You can witness the glass-blowing at Murano island and get fascinated by the different ways a glass is molded and different things are created or you can take a Gondola from Venice Italy to Burano island and enjoy walks in streets of Burano, all lined up with bright colored buildings on both sides.

In Venice Italy, there are over 600 restaurants and fine dining places where you can taste the true Italian food. If you are in Venice Italy and you did not try pizza and pasta then your trip is certainly a waste of time. Food is like the heart of Venice Italy and it gets proven with each bite that you take.

If you plan to shop in Venice Italy then there are many options for you. For souvenir shopping in Venice Italy, Venetian Masks and Glass Blowing pieces are ideal options. Also, Venetian Wine can also be bought from Venice Italy.

Therefore, Venice Italy offers an all in one package to all the tourists that visit Venice Italy each year. It has countless things to do for each and every one starting from kids to adults. Make Venice, Italy your next holiday destination and get lost into the grandeur and magic of the city on water.

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