Top Travel Destinations of UK

 Top Travel Destinations of UK

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves and everybody has their own idea of the best places, people and things and what better way is there is to go sightseeing to the top travel destinations of the world. UK, with its top travel destinations, has its own charm.

If you are making plans to travel to UK, then you will definitely want to see UK’s top destinations. Here are some of UK’s top destinations.


The city of York has a long colorful past. The history of York can be traced back nearly 2000 years ago. The City of York was founded by the Romans in 71AD. Those days Romans were at the height of their powers. In the 7th century it was also invaded by the Vikings and became an important trading center for them. An extensive amount of damage was done to this city by William the Conqueror in the middles ages. After the brief history here are some attractions which are worth to be seen.

1. The City Walls: One of the very beautiful attractions, were built in the Roman times for defensive purposes. Millions of people take a walk on these historical walls every year.
2. Jorvik Viking Centre: The world famous Jorvik Viking Center is a Must-See for the visitors of the City of York. The living memories of the Viking times.
3. York Castle Museum: Contains the 400 years old history of Britain. It is one of the leading museums of Britain’s everyday life.


Newcastle is also known as UK’s friendliest city. It is situated on the north bank of the River Tyne in North East England. It was also the location for Roman Villages but it was given the name ‘castle’ due to the castle built by the son of William the conqueror. Some of the attractions are:

1. The Tyne Bridge: It connects the city of Newcastle to Gateshead town. This bridge has been featured in many films. Opened by King George the V and its quite similar to one in Sydney Harbour.
2. The Sage Music Center: Built after years of planning and consultations with people related to the music, it’s the center for musical education. The stainless steel and stained glass building will take your away.


A city of iconic landmarks, Edinburgh is a must see city of Scotland. There are loads of things to see and do here and one will enjoy every bit of it.

1. Castles: A different story is linked to the every castle present in the city of Edinburgh. Some of the Castles of Edinburgh are Blackness Castle, Tantallon Castle, Crichton Castle and Edinburgh castle etc.
2. Palace of Holyroodhouse: It is known as the Home of the Queen of Scots as it is the official residence of the Royal Family.
3. National Galleries of Scotland: It is the best place to see the best Scottish art work in the world.


Dublin is also one of the top travel destinations of UK. Its origin can be traced back to 1000 years. It was only a small Viking village but transformed into one of the top cities of the world.

1. Saint Valentines Shrine: Every Lover in the world would want to see Saint Valentines Shrine situated in Dublin. The relics of Saint Valentines are present at the Carmelite Whitefriar Street Church. It’s a must-see destination for the lovers.
2. National Gallery of Ireland: Most probably one of the biggest galleries which contains over 2,500 paintings and some 10,000 art pieces of other media like drawing, paintings or sculptures. A definite to be place if one wants to all the stories behind every painting.

The City of Bath:

Established by the Romans about more than 2000 years ago, since then it has been a spa town. The Romans built their religious spa around the hot mineral springs of Britain.

1. Sydney Gardens: It is the oldest park of the city of Bath. The Royal family used to pay frequent visit to the park in the 18th and 19th century and it became very popular.
2. The Roman Baths: The historical building of the city of bath England. It was used as a public bathing site.

These were only a few of UK’s top travel destinations but there are lots more action stations to visit and not to mention the historical sites of UK.


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