Ideal Destinations for a Perfect Wedding

 Ideal Destinations for a Perfect Wedding

Are you one of those couples who have been bored with the idea of a traditional wedding? Are you looking for something different, something more relaxed or more imaginative in an exotic destination? If you manage to convince your family that you do not want to get married in the traditional way, your choices are many.

The following destinations are a fact that they require money and a proper schedule. Even if you cannot cope, however, take a look as you can get ideas and adjust them to your budget.

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Although there are countless beaches where you can get married with the beautiful ocean as a perfect background, the wild beauty of the Baja Coast is unique. You can find a great secluded beach with tall rocks, which can be an ideal place to enjoy the sunset with your mate and your close family.


Who said that if you want to get married abroad you need to spend a fortune? Jamaica is a really beautiful island with great hotels which are set on lovely white sandy beaches, an ideal place to get married.


Bali is a great island, located in Indonesia and considered to be as one of the world’s most famous destinations with high-class Bali wedding venues that can fulfill anyone’s dreams. You can also combine your wedding ceremony with your honeymoon, so as you can see all of the beautiful places in Indonesia.


This beautiful island in Greece is a great wedding destination, because of the volcano existing next to it. Most of the people choose this place due to its breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea. You will definitely fall in love with your mate again. As for the accommodation, there is a big variety of high-quality hotels.

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Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in picturesque Italy. A wedding ceremony usually takes place in any of the 17th-century villas and makes you believe that your wedding is a part from another century.


England’s landscape is a picturesque and fairytale place. The suburbs of Leeds city, where you can also find the historic castle, is ideal for you who have imagined that on your wedding day you will star in your own fairy tale.

New York

For all of you who want to marry facing the lights and tall buildings of New York, the ideal place is finding a rooftop in Manhattan. It will be one of the most romantic and sought after places in the city. Find a tall building, which will also be a hotel that can be large enough to accommodate all of your guests who will have the opportunity to dine and dance under the stars.

New Zealand

If you want a simple marriage, without exaggeration and a little isolated from the rest of the world, the ideal place is New Zealand. This natural beauty of this country is beyond any imagination and can fulfill any of your dreams.

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If you want your wedding to be the event of the year and bring with you all your relatives and friends, and of course your budget allows it, the best option is finding a great hotel in Vietnam. Find a nice place that is situated on a green slope, with a lot of rooms, one or maybe two swimming pools and a private beach. It is going to make your wedding look like a royal one.

Whatever your budget is, do not get disappointed if some of the locations you were dreaming of are a little bit expensive. You can choose from the above and have a wedding ceremony like the one you were dreaming of when you were a little kid.

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