Weekly horoscopes – Your Free Horoscopes

 Weekly horoscopes – Your Free Horoscopes

Your business Horoscope looks at your business potential for the week ahead. Wondering whether a new business opportunity is going to come your way? How are your job prospects shaping up? Select your Sun Sign from the list below to view your Horoscope.

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Aries Business Horoscope
Aries HoroscopeYou’re not just moving into a new professional week but a whole new reality, thanks to Mars’ return to your business sector over the weekend and the professional passions and fighting spirit you’ve now got on tap. Chances are, with Mars having only returned on Sunday, this is going to feel like things have changed overnight, which they literally have, ushering in a whole new chapter and a push to bring this professional year home. Pluto, planet of change and revolution is spending from 2008 to 2024 here in your business sector, but having turned direct just over a month ago he’s been slowly bringing things up to speed. However, with Mars on board, as the planets of war and revolution come together expect a dramatic boost in motivation and the speed that things start to move.

Taurus Business Horoscope
Taurus HoroscopeWhile the Sun and Venus’ departure from your work sector last week brought the main push to get work matters up to speed home it was Mercury’s direct turn over the weekend that brings you to the end game. While work matters won’t go off the boil, with a natural current keeping the momentum going and your direction keen and accurate, you’re now in a phase where it’s all about tying up loose ends and getting things as match ready as possible. When Mercury leaves your work sector at the end of next week this will bring a year of almost continuous planetary activity to an end, but in his first few days in direct motion he’s urging you to keep your head in the game but that you also take things one step at a time. Over the weekend you’ll have a chance to get your professional bearings.

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Gemini Business Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope The extraordinary chain of events that the Sun, Moon and Venus caused when they returned to your work sector last Friday is still unfolding. Even though the Moon left over the weekend, the impact of the solar eclipse this created and especially since the Moon left less than 24 hours before you move into the new week, is still having a profound effect on things. As well as putting a tailwind at your back this has provided the push needed to bring things home, especially as the solar eclipse on the same day Saturn moved into his final 2 months in your work sector brought you to the final phase of a journey that began back in 2012. At the same time that things start to come together on the business front, there is a new sense of professional confidence and hindsight emerging.

Cancer Business Horoscope
Cancer HoroscopeThere is no doubt that Mars’ departure from your work sector over the weekend has taken away a lot of the urgency and there may even be a relaxed feel as you move into the new week, with a manic and frenetic phase over, it’s also clear that taking your work hat off isn’t an option. For while Mars left on Sunday and with the Moon having returned just a few hours earlier, it’s your intuitive responses that are holding the fort, creating a bridge between Mars’ drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit and a new phase that kicks in when Ceres returns on Tuesday. This is Ceres’ first visit to your work sector in 4 years and not due to leave until early January she’ll be here during the game changing developments over the next 2 months, while looking at your real needs and priorities.

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Leo Business Horoscope
Leo HoroscopeAs you move into the new week the whole vibe is going to feel very different and because Monday is Mars’ first full day in your work sector, it’s going to feel like a real line in the sand has been drawn. As well as firing up your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit, Mars is here to kick off some of the busiest weeks of the year and teaming up with Pluto, planet of change and revolution, the things that had been slowly building up to speed get a major injection of urgency. With the planets of war and revolution driving things on the work front you can expect a very exciting, busy and dynamic 6 weeks, weeks that end just days before your annual update is due to begin in December. The run down to the end of the year begins this week, much earlier than is normally the case.

Virgo Business Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope The focus is once again more on money than professional matters this week or will be until the Moon returns to your work sector over the weekend. With Mercury staying on in your income sector to tie up loose ends, but having just turned direct over the weekend, this gives you time during the week to focus more on income matters, especially when it comes to moving on and tying up loose ends. By the time the Moon returns to your work sector over the weekend you’ll be just a month out from some very interesting developments on both the work and business fronts in the early days of December and with Mercury in his last full week in your income sector by then, it’s at the end of the week that you can really start looking to the future. Keep your money hat on, your mind and options open.

Libra Business Horoscope
Libra Horoscope With Neptune and Chiron now both in their final weeks in retrograde motion in your work sector they’re not only slowing down, but in partnership with new developments on the income front they’re urging you to become more selective in where you put your time and energy. It’s an alliance between Neptune in your work sector and the Sun and Venus in your income sector this week that allows you to put your income and work objectives on the same page, in a way that allows you to look to the past for inspiration on the work front and to the future when it comes to inspiration on the income front. This will make it easier to work smarter, looking more closely at what the paybacks are for time, energy and effort invested and whether it’s worth it. A new ‘show me the money’ attitude is emerging.

Scorpio Business Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope While Mars’ departure from your income sector over the weekend has taken away a lot of the hunger and urgency, it’s clear that the money gods aren’t letting things go off the boil, either on the income front or when it comes to a partnership between income, work and business forces. It’s the Moon’s position in your income sector as you move into the new week that not only gives you a nose for money from the get go, but a boost in confidence and a better insight into income, work and business matters, especially where they come together. It’s on Tuesday that a new influence comes into play, with Ceres’ return to your income sector cementing income matters as a major driving force, while at the same time giving you a chance to look beyond the money to your real priorities and needs.

Sagittarius Business Horoscope
Sagittarius HoroscopeWhile it’s not until next week’s Full Moon in your work sector that the professional gods will play their next wildcard there’s a shift for the better on the income front, which is where the focus has now shifted. With all the planetary activity on the work and business fronts for the year having played out and just next week’s Full Moon to provide any last minute shifts, surprises or game changers, this brings you to a point where you should be fairly confident about what you have to work with and how to keep the momentum going in the closing months of the year. It was Mars’ return to your income sector over the weekend that has brought the focus onto income matters and onto benefiting from the professional investment already banked, far earlier in the year than is normally the case.

Capricorn Business Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope The Sun and Venus’ departure from your business sector last Friday may have brought the majority of the professional push for the year to an end, but you’ve just begun the process of tying up loose ends. Now on his own in your business sector and having just turned direct on Sunday Mercury’s in his early days in direct motion and at a standstill requires you to stay in the moment as much as possible. Due to leave at the end of next week Mercury’s focus is now on keeping your head in the game as long as possible, but with a view to tying up loose ends, having the talks, discussions and making the choices, decisions and plans that need to be made in order to put things on the course you want them to continue on. A fairly slow start to the week will see the pace pick up as the week progresses.

Aquarius Business Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope While you’ve had the weekend to soak in the implications of not only the Sun and Venus’ return to your business sector last Friday but the solar eclipse on the same day, you’re still in the early days of a major push to bring things home. While the Sun and Venus are here for your annual update, the Sun to throw the solar spotlight on your business situation and Venus is here to update your professional desires and expectations, they both returned on the same day that Saturn moved into his final 2 months and just as a major push that began in late 2012 moves into its final phase. It’s everything you’ve been working on and towards for the last 2 years that now becomes a lot more urgent, making it important to trust your professional instincts and to adopt your own definition of success.

Pisces Business Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope It’s clear the professional gods aren’t going to let you drop the ball on the business front, not for a single moment, so tightly is the choreography between the stars. For just hours before Mars left your business sector on Sunday the Moon returned, allowing you to move into the new week with your professional instincts sharp, but also with your professional passions and fighting spirit still engaged and becoming even more defined. In the same way that Mars passed the baton to the Moon, before leaving your business sector on Tuesday the Moon will pass the baton to Ceres, who returns for her first visit since 2010 just hours earlier. It’s taken the dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system 4 years to get back here, yet she returns just hours before things would have gone off the boil.

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