Weekly Horoscope: 5 September to 12 September 2016

 Weekly Horoscope: 5 September to 12 September 2016

Virgo Horoscope 2015~*~ViRgO~*~

You continue to feel more and more confident and in control this week, Virgo. Monday and Tuesday are good days to reconnect with friends and be sociable. Because you will get some amazing news Wednesday that may kick you into high gear with a big project. Embrace the fact that everything is happening right now — you are prepared, so just go with it! You could also get a lovely boost from a family member, so be grateful for the connections and help that they offer. Since August, lucky Jupiter has been in your sign, bringing you some stellar opportunities, but on Friday, Jupiter moves on to diplomatic Libra. Between now and October 2017, you can focus on prioritizing and materializing all of your big visions into concrete reality.

Libra Horoscope 2015~*~LiBrA~*~

Take things slow and steady this week, Libra, since life is about to get very busy and exciting! Make a to-do list Monday and Tuesday that will make you feel accomplished and organized so you can enjoy the great blessings that arrive later in the week. Your ruler, alluring Venus, makes a gorgeous sextile to pragmatic Saturn on Wednesday and a social connection, or reconnection, that you make could prove to be very significant. It could even become a major romance! But the best news of the week is that on Friday, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, slides into your sign, where it will stay until October 2017. The next 13 months will be some of the best times to ask for what you want and watch your dreams come true! So journal this weekend and get ready for an amazing ride.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015~*~ScOrPiO~*~

You have been busy, busy, busy recently, and this week’s aspects are a good reminder that you have accomplished a lot of what you have set out to do. Take some quiet time for yourself. The moon is in your sign Monday and Tuesday, which will bring you energy and momentum to complete some big projects. You will see the results of all of your hard work during Wednesday’s spectacular aspects, including a perfect trine from the sun to your ruler, powerful Pluto. You are being recognized and celebrated by others, so enjoy it! On Friday, benevolent Jupiter slides into your zone of privacy where it will stay for the next 13 months. Rest, retreat and restrategize in the upcoming weeks. You will be your most effective when you work from behind the scenes.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015~*~SaGiTtArIuS~*~

You have had a lot on your plate recently and may have been feeling like the weight of the world was on your shoulders. After this week, you will have a much better sense of exactly who is in your corner to help carry the burden. Take some time to restrategize early in the week and pay attention to your feelings. Exciting changes could transpire Wednesday, especially as related to your career. You will finally get some of the acknowledgment and rewards that you have been waiting for! Especially since abundant Venus makes a gorgeous sextile to pragmatic Saturn in your sign. Your ruler, lucky Jupiter moves into sociable Libra on Friday for a 13-month residency, and you will enjoy much more support and collaboration from friends and peers.

Capricorn Horoscope 2015~*~CaPrIcOrN~*~

You are known for your hard work and ambition, but your career is about to hit the next level, so buckle your seat belt! Reconnect with friends early in the week who will provide you with the advice and support you need right now. Wednesday is full of unexpected news, but if you can, be patient to see how everything shakes out — it will all be for the best. You just don’t have all of the information quite yet. But the most exciting event of the week is when Jupiter, the planet of good luck, slides into your career zone Friday where it will stay until October 2017. Doors are opening for you in magical ways right now, so embrace the optimistic side of your nature and go along for the ride.


Aquarius Horoscope 2015You tend to be very loyal to what you know and love, but this week, you will get a taste of your mind opening in new and beautiful ways. Monday and Tuesday are great days at work when people are deferring to your authority, and you have lots of energy and momentum. Very unexpected news that may shake you could arrive Wednesday, but it will also lead to positive changes and improvements. You can have a hard time letting go of the past, but there has never been a better time heal old emotional wounds and move onto a fresh chapter. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moves into sociable Libra on Friday, and for the next 13 months, your best opportunities will arrive through travel, learning, and thinking outside the box. So let go of your script and be open to a fresh vision of your life!

Pisces Horoscope 2015~*~PiScEs~*~

If you have been feeling like things have been in limbo recently, you will finally have some good news this week. Travel on Monday and Tuesday will expand your mind in the best possible way, so try to get out of your routine, even if you can’t get out of town. Wednesday is a five-star day when you will finally have agreement about important issues related to a professional work partnership. This is the perfect time to iron out financial or personal agreements to the benefit of all involved, since harmonious Venus is making a supportive sextile to pragmatic Saturn. On Friday, the planet of good luck, Jupiter, moves into analytical Libra, and you will benefit the most in the next 13 months from getting in touch with your truest, deepest emotions. When you know what motivates you, you can fly even higher!

Aries Horoscope 2015~*~ArIeS~*~

There has been a strong emphasis on work recently, but as of this week, you love life is looking up in a major way too! Spend some time Monday and Tuesday getting in touch with your deepest feelings and motivations, since it’s important for you to understand where you are coming from. Wednesday is a fabulous day when a romantic connection could stir your soul, possibly from a distance, so it’s the perfect time to look up that long-lost love on Facebook. Unexpected career news could also bode very well for you now. Be open to change! But you will be especially giddy after Friday when Jupiter, the planet of good luck, slides into your zone of relationships for a 13-month residence. If you haven’t had time for love recently, you better make time, because Cupid is coming for you!

Taurus Horoscope 2015~*~TaUrUs~*~

You are someone who thrives when your routine and work life is running smoothly, and this week, you will get a taste of all of the positive changes that are happening for you in that area of life. But first, love is in the air Monday and Tuesday, when the moon is in your zone of relationships. Schedule a date night to dote on your significant other. Wednesday is a fabulous day when your ruler, alluring Venus, makes a gorgeous sextile to practical Saturn. You will finally have movement and clarity around a very important project and all of the financial implications that go along with it. On Friday, lucky Jupiter moves into people-oriented Libra, and will help you find the right colleagues and teammates to make all of your work visions a reality in the next 13 months!

Gemini Horoscope~*~GeMiNi~*~

Relax, Gemini, life is about to get good! Catch up on the work stuff or small errands that you have been avoiding Monday and Tuesday. You will feel infinitely better when those are out of the way. And by Wednesday, you will be positively loving life. A gorgeous sextile between reliable Saturn and loving Venus means your love feelings for a certain someone are being reciprocated and you can trust the pitter-patter in your heart. But this week’s big news is lucky Jupiter’s move into Libra on Friday. Between now and October 2017, your love life and creativity are through-the-roof exciting. This is your moment to be the star of the show so don’t hold back!

Cancer Horoscope 2015~*~CaNcEr~*~

The classic stereotype about your sign is that you are a homebody — which is true, but also doesn’t take into account what a go-getter you are. The right balance between those two things is the focus of this week, when major news in both your career and family life cause you to rethink your priorities. Wednesday’s positive aspects, including a powerful trine between the sun and intense Pluto, show you that change can sometimes be for the best, especially when it comes to outdated relationships. But the biggest shift of the week comes Friday when benevolent Jupiter moves into harmonious Libra. Between now and October 2017, you will have all the tools you need to figure out where (and how) to make yourself comfortable, so you can shine in both your personal and professional lives!

Leo Horoscope~*~LeO~*~

You are a sociable person, which is why this week’s fabulous aspects will make you especially happy. Focus on organizing at home early in the week when you can get a lot done to set the stage for more fun activities later on. Wednesday is a five-star day with glowing aspects linking both the social and practical sides of your life. Major career moves that you make now could have a ripple effect, so be clear about what you want and go for it. But you will be even more excited when Friday rolls around and lucky Jupiter slides into your zone of ideas, information, and connections. Between now and October 2017, your social life will hit the next level, and you will make tons of personal and professional contacts. Get ready to be the belle of the ball, yet again!

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