Weekly Horoscope: 1st February – 7th February 2016

 Weekly Horoscope: 1st February – 7th February 2016


HoroscopeAt last your career, unpaid work or university life is coming together. Dealing with changes in the balance of power is never easy, but if you can balance the scales with one important person near Monday and Saturday, you can work as a team. It is important to remember that every low point with your job, course or voluntary role is a high point waiting to happen. And every high point eventually becomes a low point, so you should be philosophical about what comes to pass at this random time.

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Taurus Horoscope 2015TAURUS

There is a great deal of overdue discussion about your travel, internet, foreign, regional, educational or publishing agenda. You have been round in circles with one issue since January, or even December, but at last it is time to talk. You will need to share the controls with another person or organisation and find a new way to make things work. If your career or university life is involved, then light will be shed on exactly who and what matters most, near Tuesday. This helps you move forward.

Gemini HoroscopeGEMINI

The house, money, business interests, apartment, possessions or charity is now up for discussion. You have been held back by changes, delays or even reversals for weeks, but now at last you can sign, accept signatures or reach agreement. If a friend or group is involved, sidestep the politics with these people near Thursday, especially if one man and two or more women are involved. Whatever your situation, at last you can reach a fair agreement with a key person, near Monday or Saturday.

Cancer Horoscope 2015CANCER

The Wheel of Fortune spins for (or with) your partner now. This applies to your former or potential partner too – and even an enemy. Trust what is happening as the wheel will spin your way eventually. You two need to reach a new agreement about who controls what, in the relationship – or how to come to a compromise in a conflict. It has taken weeks for you to reach the point where you can settle the situation with this man (or woman) but now is the time, so make sure it’s a practical deal.

Leo HoroscopeLEO

You can’t separate your daily workload from your body at the moment, so every new answer about your job, unpaid role or university life will also lead you to an answer about your doctor, healer, drugs, drink, food, exercise or surgeon. This week will help you make the last changes necessary, for a new way of living and working in 2016. It has taken a long time to get here, because of all the delays or alterations, but it’s time to commit.

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Virgo HoroscopeVIRGO

Serious lovers, children, godchildren, nieces, nephews or stepchildren – even youth as a whole – now calls for final changes. The last few weeks have not been straightforward, yet it has made you think more deeply about what (or who) matters most. You must read hearts and minds this week, if you are to come to a long-lasting agreement about how things will function in 2016. Sharing is a smart move, as long as everyone agrees.

Libra Horoscope 2015LIBRA

Your house, home town, homeland, apartment, family or household has been surrounded by question marks since December, yet it has been impossible to finalise necessary changes. This week, you can do it without any further delays or reversals. Your ruling planet Venus encourages you to make a complex relationship with a key person work on every level. You two can fine-tune your agreement so that over the long-term, a new arrangement can be accepted – and serve all your needs.

Scorpio HoroscopeSCORPIO

Your ruler Pluto is in charge of the heavens this week so you will see deep questions about control and power, affecting friends, family, colleagues and partners. For you, the issue is the internet, multimedia, publishing – or other ways to reach people. A great deal depends on how you manage the chemistry with an important woman (or man) near Monday and Saturday, when you realise that the big picture might be about power, but the small picture is about your shared chemistry.

Sagittarius HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS

The money, house, business interests, possessions, apartment or charity now comes down to compromise. This week is intense. In order to make a new arrangement work in 2016, you need to accept that you, he, she or they must hide particular feelings. Everybody wants to rule the world, according to Tears for Fears. That has seldom been more true, but if you are going to feel comfortable with a different way of handling what you earn, own or owe, all concerned must meet each other halfway.

Capricorn HoroscopeCAPRICORN

Take your time, and take good advice, when you deal with a financial, property, business, shopping, charity or sales question near Tuesday. If you have a question about your family or household near Thursday, the answer rests with your decision not to allow competition between girls and women create a difficult atmosphere. The biggest message of the week is about your image, personal appearance or reputation. You are now in the strongest position in weeks to make lasting changes.

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Aquarius Horoscope 2015AQUARIUS

Allow yourself and a key man (or woman) in your life plenty of space and time, near Tuesday as the answer you need will come later. The most important issue now is actually the one thing about yourself, and your life, that nobody else understands. This may be a role behind the scenes where other people are the name or face. Perhaps it is a mysterious, private matter that involves you being by yourself. You may even have a substantial secret. In all cases, a fresh start is here at last.

Pisces HoroscopePISCES

If you are dealing with a money, business, property, shopping, sales or charity issue near Thursday, try not to allow girls and women to compete with each other, as it will not help. This week is extremely important for a group project involving a friend. It is time to make and accept changes which will last. In other cases, you will be affected by a team, club, society, association or social media network which also includes a key friendship. Everybody wants to be in charge, of course – that is only human nature. Now you must find out how to compromise.

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