Business Horoscope May 20 to May 26

 Business Horoscope May 20 to May 26

Aries HoroscopeAries Horoscope

What could have been a bad hair week has the makings of a real turnaround, with evidence the universe is coming behind you, just when you need the support. While there is nothing you or the heavens can do to avoid pressure on Pluto and your business sector peaking on Tuesday, especially as it’s been building for several weeks, but the Sun and Moon have come together to turn this into an advantage. For it’s on Monday, just as pressure is building that the Moon, moving through your work sector and the Sun, his last full day in your income sector, come together to not only provide a boost in confidence on both fronts, but an awareness of your options on the income, business and work fronts. When pressure peaks you’ll be ready to turn this into leverage, with potentially game changing results.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini Horoscope

With work pressure easing back you’re able to start looking back at recent weeks and recognise in hindsight the valuable wakeup calls and insight gained, especially when it comes to a need for balance, working smarter and pacing yourself for the long haul. By the time the Moon returns to your work sector on Thursday, coming full circle from last month’s lunar eclipse and making his last visit before new doors open on the income front, you’ll have a much better read on what’s happening behind the scenes. The Moon’s alignment with Saturn in your work sector on Thursday and with the North Node on Friday will give you an intuitive read on anything that needs your attention now, but more importantly a better sense of both where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus Horoscope

There is nothing out of the ordinary about the Moon’s monthly visit through your income sector from Tuesday to Thursday other than it’s his only visit while Venus and Mercury are in your income sector, in the lead up to not only their own alignment later this week but both their alignments with lucky Jupiter next week. You’ve reached a turning point on the income front with the money gods coming together to provide the resources to start lining up any glass ceilings in your sight. With no planetary activity in either of your professional houses the Moon’s visit this week gives you a chance to put your income and work objectives on the same page, as well as tap into all that you have already invested over the last few years. Right now it’s all about the money.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer Horoscope

Taken on face value this is a low key and high pressure professional week, but then you know what they say about first impressions. Any pressure is likely to peak early in the week with Uranus, the only planet active in either of your professional houses, under pressure from Pluto. Pressure peaks on Tuesday, yet even at its worst you’re able to appreciate that it’s more that the universe is either pushing things onto the right track or off the wrong track. With Uranus about to take a back seat and professional matters as a whole becoming more about keeping the momentum going, this is the last real push you’ll get for some time. Yet just as things should be settling down expect the weekend’s lunar eclipse in your work sector to bring the element of fate into play, most likely unannounced.

Leo HoroscopeLeo Horoscope

You’ll not only move into the new week with the Sun in his last full day in your business sector and the Moon in your income sector, but the two actively working together. With the Sun leaving your work sector on Tuesday and the Moon your income sector on the same day there is a sense of urgency on both fronts, as the Moon’s nose for money interweaves with the Sun’s professional objectivity and transparency. This is one final chance to pick your battles wisely, getting a sense of where the money is and of what you’re fighting for, for the Sun’s departure will take the leash off Mars’ professional passions and fighting spirit and due to leave your business sector later next week, this is when an all or nothing approach begins. Trust what your gut and eyes are telling you from Day 1.

Virgo HoroscopeVirgo Horoscope

The Sun’s return to your business sector throws the solar spotlight on your professional game, just as Venus and Mercury are coming together to bring a powerful professional chapter home. By the time Mars returns to your business sector later next week you’ll have the kind of support you haven’t had in decades and with lucky Jupiter leaving later next month, this is when everything starts coming together. However, don’t under estimate the importance of the weekend’s lunar eclipse in your home and family sector or the work/life balance issues this is likely to raise. This is standing sentinel as you move into Jupiter’s final month in your business sector, the month that everything from now has been leading up to and everything from now will lead on from and is the only reality check you’ll get.

Libra HoroscopeLibra Horoscope

After the Moon’s visit to your business sector last week the professional instincts, clues, hunches and insights evoked will not only still be sharp, but having had time to process things are just now likely to be making sense. Hold onto these for this was the Moon’s last visit to your business sector before Venus and Mercury return, Venus in 2 weeks from Monday and Mercury in 1 week from Friday. This is when your most important and defining professional chapter in over a decade will kick off and with lucky Jupiter returning next month, the Moon has left you clues to not only what lies ahead in the near future, but to some game changing developments ahead. It’s about trusting your gut and giving yourself permission to daydream, focusing more on the ‘what’ than the ‘when, where and how’.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio Horoscope

With the Moon having only left your business sector on Saturday your professional instincts will still be sharp as you move into the new week and there’s a need to hold onto this, using your instincts as a lifeline in what is likely to be a turbulent start to the week. Any work pressure in the early days of the week is coming from the fact that Uranus, the only planet active in not only your work sector but in either of your professional houses, is under pressure from Pluto and that pressure will peak on Tuesday. Yet despite the fact that there will be work pressure this is constructive pressure, forcing you to come up with creative solutions and to think outside the box. This is the last push on the work front before new doors opening on the business front later next month.

Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius Horoscope

Having the Moon in your business sector as you move into the new week will always be an advantage, ensuring that your professional instincts are sharp and you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground from the get go. Yet when Monday also happens to be the Sun’s last full day in your work sector then this is even more significant. Until leaving your work sector on Tuesday, just hours after the Moon leaves your business sector, the Sun will be working to reveal your options and an authentic starting point, making it important to keep your eyes open and your head out of the sand. You’re able to put your work and business objectives on the same page, knowing that with Mars not leaving your work sector until next Friday you have the passion and fighting spirit needed to walk the talk.

Capricorn HoroscopeCapricorn Horoscope

As Mercury spends his first full week in your work sector he’s very quickly closing the gap on Venus, who returned 6 days earlier. What began as a 6 day gap between the planets that rule the heart and mind will narrow as the week progresses, to a point where they’ll align over the weekend, just days before aligning with lucky Jupiter early next week. By the time the Sun returns to your work sector on Tuesday heart and mind will already be on the same page, allowing you to work smarter and think on your feet, with a clear sense of where your heart stands. The Moon’s return to your business sector on Tuesday, just hours before the Sun returns to your work sector will ensure your professional instincts are sharp as you move into the most defining weeks of the year on the work front.

Aquarius HoroscopeAquarius Horoscope

While the work/life balance issues of recent weeks are easing back there is a need to appreciate the advantage they have been, for where you’re going you’re going to need that balance. Next week Neptune and Saturn will move into a powerful alliance that will bring powerful income and professional forces together, just as the doors start to open on the work front, which they’ll do from as early as later next week. From June 2013 to July 2014 lie your biggest and most important months in a lifetime on the work, income and business fronts and especially where they come together, with any effort put in now to ensure you have the right work/life balance worth it in the long run. Meanwhile, the Moon’s return to your business sector on Thursday will provide important clues and insights.

Pisces HoroscopePisces Horoscope

While you’ll move into the week with an intuitive read on work matters and valuable clues, hunches and insights after the Moon’s visit to your work sector late last week and pressure on the income front will keep you on your toes, there is nothing to give away what a game changing week this has the potential to be. On Saturday the Sun will move into opposition with the Moon to not only create a Full Moon in your business sector but a lunar eclipse, one that has the potential to blindside you. Normally, to have a lunar eclipse one of the lunar nodes will be present, so while eclipses are usually wildcards, if we’d been paying attention the reality is that you can usually see what’s coming. Yet no amount of paying attention will prepare you for events that are likely to fly in under the radar.

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