Business Horoscope March 06 to March 11

 Business Horoscope March 06 to March 11

Weekly Aries HoroscopeWeekly Aries Horoscope:

Venus’ return to your income sector on Monday will not only trigger for forces on the income but on the work and career fronts as well. At the same time Venus begins moving towards an alignment with Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion next week, a major convergence is building between Venus and Jupiter in your income sector, Mars in your work sector and Pluto in your career sector. This too will peak next week, but Venus’ return to your income sector on Monday and a Full Moon in your work sector on Thursday will get the ball rolling. On all 3 fronts you’ve been taking the scenic route, taking a few steps forward and a few steps back and at times taking you right off track. But things are finally coming together and it’s time to start bringing things home.

Weekly Taurus HoroscopeWeekly Taurus Horoscope:

When the Sun left your career sector last month he left you with no planetary support. This is something you’re still likely to be adjusting to, but with Saturn in retrograde motion in your work sector your biggest problem is going to be learning to pace yourself. There is no longer any pressure to operate in the fast lane 24/7 and to become a slave to your professional game. At the same time, after 16 years of almost continuous planetary support, there is more than enough built up momentum to keep things going for months, if not years, with Saturn’s retrograde phase giving you a chance to pull right back, working with what’s already on the table. Focus on the big picture, especially on how to capitalise on new developments on the income front, from early next month.

Weekly Gemini HoroscopeWeekly Gemini Horoscope:

While Mercury left your career sector over the weekend, chances are this left things up in the air, undecided, with decisions either not made at all or made, but in a way that you’re not totally convinced. If that’s how you feel you’re on track, for as Mercury left, his parting words were ‘hold that thought’. Mercury is already slowing down and early next week he’ll turn retrograde, returning to your career sector in less than 3 weeks time. This makes it important to keep your mind and your options open, realising that when Mercury returns it will be in retrograde motion, with the door open to second chances but also to a change of mind. In the meantime, the Sun is giving you a chance to explore your options and get even more cards on the table and to resolve any work/life balance issues.

Weekly Cancer HoroscopeWeekly Cancer Horoscope:

Just hours before Venus leaves your career sector on Monday the Moon returns to your income sector, bringing a nose for money and your professional desires together. Venus’ replacement is already here, with Mercury’s return to your career sector over the weekend ensuring the momentum will continue, though with al change in dynamics, shifting your professional game from a heart to a head ruled focus. But Mercury is just testing the waters and will only spend 9 days in direct motion, before turning retrograde early next week. With Mercury aligning with Uranus on Tuesday, the element of surprise, unexpected developments and Eureka moments are all likely, making it important to keep your mind and your options open. The only thing you do need to stand firm on are your professional desires.

Weekly Leo HoroscopeWeekly Leo Horoscope:

Ever since Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion turned direct in your career sector on Boxing Day you’ve been moving towards this week and while Jupiter has been slowly building speed and momentum since then, this is the week where things reach a tipping point. Until now it’s been harder to get things moving than it’s been to let them slide, which has been a constant battle, but from Monday onwards it becomes harder to hold things back, even if you wanted to. It’s on Monday that Venus returns to your career sector, teaming back up with Jupiter to bring things home, but it’s support from Pluto in your work sector and both Mars and Thursday’s Full Moon in your income sector that is really giving this wings. Now that things are on a roll you have 3 months to bring things home.

Weekly Virgo HoroscopeWeekly Virgo Horoscope:

When the Moon left your career sector over the weekend he left behind valuable clues and hunches to mull over and your professional instincts sharp. This is an advantage that will slowly evaporate the more distance the Moon creates from your career sector, making it important to move into the new week trusting and following your instincts, for it really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’. One of the most valuable insights was just how close you are to a brand new chapter on the career front, which kicks off early next month. On Wednesday, you’ll reach a point where Venus is just 4 weeks away from your career sector, where she’ll not only spend an incredible 4 months but will welcome in some major developments. Until then consider all your options and become a knowledge junkie.

Weekly Libra HoroscopeWeekly Libra Horoscope:

When Mercury left your work sector over the weekend it was anything but the end of the. Not only did the Sun step into the breach, turning the lights on and the Moon returned to your career sector, sharpening your professional instincts, Mercury gave a promise that he’ll be back. That’s a promise that he’ll keep in less than 3 weeks time, with his retrograde turn early next week seeing him do a U turn and come back. In the meantime, purposely keep your mind and your options open and don’t force any decisions, for when Mercury returns he’ll not only open the door to second chances, but a change of mind as well. In the meantime, you’re moving into the week with your professional instincts sharp and your eyes wide open on the work front, allowing you to see what you’re dealing with.

Weekly Scorpio HoroscopeWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:

Venus is leaving your work sector on Monday but her replacement is already here. Mercury’s return over the weekend allows you to move into the new week working smarter, playing your A game and thinking on your feet. Venus and Mercury only get to spend just 48 hours together before Venus leaves on Monday, but it’s already given you a chance to put heart and mind on the same page. As Venus moves on you’re able to play a more intellectually savvy game, but with Mercury already slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn next week, there’s not only no need to rush things, there’s a danger if you do. Tuesday and Wednesday are days when you need to take your hands right off the wheel, with the laws of synchronicity in effect and some Eureka moments possible.

Weekly Sagittarius HoroscopeWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:

Against a backdrop that is seeing forces on the income, career and work fronts coming together, two special events trigger all that has been building behind the scenes to this point, bringing things to a tipping point and lighting the match that sets a powerful 3 month professional period on fire. The first event is Venus’ return to your work sector on Monday, which sees her team up with lucky Jupiter to begin the process of bringing things home and unleashing all the luck and potential that has been building behind the scenes. The second event is a Full Moon in your career sector on Thursday and with the Moon aligning with Mars on the same day, this is when anything that has become stuck during his retrograde phase will receive a major push start.

Weekly Capricorn HoroscopeWeekly Capricorn Horoscope:

You are the one Sign most equipped to not only deal with and handle Saturn’s retrograde phase in your career sector, but extract the full potential. Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet and it’s from him that you get your patience, determination, tenacity and stickability, making it easier for you to focus on the big picture, making how you get there or how long it takes less relevant. So in retrograde motion and pulling right back, you know how to work with Saturn to retreat back to the drawing board, to review the past and cement what is already in play. You know that you can’t spend 365 days on the high seas and that you must return to port for repairs and to simply recharge your batteries. With new doors opening on the work front early next month, this is doubly important.

Weekly Aquarius HoroscopeWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:

As you move into the new week the Moon is in his final hours in your work sector, having spent the majority of the weekend here. With no planetary activity in either of your professional houses, the Moon’s monthly visits here to your work sector and to your career sector, which he’ll reach next week, are vitally important for keeping things on track, but also for adjusting and adapting to the prevailing climate at the time. With the Moon leaving your work sector on Monday, it’s important to move into the new working week with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, trusting your instincts and holding onto any clues and insights, even if you don’t have time to process them at the time. This is something that can be done after the Moon has gone.

Weekly Aquarius HoroscopeWeekly Pisces Horoscope:

With no planetary activity in either of your professional houses, but the North Node keeping things on track on the career front, the Moon’s monthly visits are even more important. That’s especially so with the Moon’s return to your work sector on Monday and his position here until Wednesday, giving you a chance to put your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, picking up on clues, signs and insights, anything that will help steer things in the right direction. What makes the Moon’s visit to your work sector especially important is that he arrives just hours before Venus leaves your income sector and just as Mercury and his smart head for money takes over. With another 2 months of income potential to explore, having your finger on the pulse on the work front is vital. – freepsychicnetwork

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