Business Horoscope July 15 to July 21

 Business Horoscope July 15 to July 21

Aries HoroscopeAries Horoscope

You’re moving into the new week with the benefit of having had the Moon in your work sector over the weekend and having only left less than 24 hours before, with your instincts still sharp and some valuable clues, hunches and insights still to process. However, what makes it important to continue to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground is that this was the Moon’s last visit to your work sector before Venus returns next Tuesday, opening the door to a period of planetary activity and support that won’t run its course until December. This will bring the first planetary activity in your work sector for the year, but will also help to counterbalance Pluto’s retrograde position in your business sector. Knowing what’s coming, use this week to take care of any housekeeping.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus Horoscope

You’ll move into the week with the Moon already in your work sector and not leaving until Tuesday this gives you a chance to gain some valuable insight into the early days of the week, making it important to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground from the get go. This is always the case with the Moon’s monthly visit, yet as one of the last visits before new doors start opening on the work front next month there will already be clues and new developments starting to show up on your radar. When Venus does return to your work sector next month she’ll open the doors to a period of developing planetary activity that won’t run its course until 2014 and will draw heavily on the hard work already invested. With a Full Moon in your business sector next week, keep your options open.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini Horoscope

With Neptune and Chiron in retrograde motion in your business sector and Saturn having only just turned direct in your work sector last Monday there should be little, if any movement on the professional front, yet that is unlikely to be your reality. After just a week in direct motion Saturn is coming back with a vengeance, due entirely to what is developing on the income front and the support from income and business forces. It’s midweek that a major alliance between Saturn in your work sector, Jupiter in your income sector and Neptune in your business sector locks into place, fusing forces on all three fronts together in a way that will remain in play for the next 12 months. The Moon’s return to your work sector midweek will ensure that you have an intuitive read on a fast changing situation.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer Horoscope

Give yourself permission to glide this week, going with the natural flow of things but refusing to push things beyond a point where you need to push to maintain your momentum. For with Uranus slowing down to a crawl ahead of his retrograde turn in your business sector on Friday, there is unlikely to be any movement, other than what is happening naturally. This could create a fear that things have become stuck or stalled, yet any anxiety this creates is simply old fears talking. This is a chance to take the slow lane and a chance to catch your breath. While Uranus will remain in retrograde motion until December he’ll soon regain speed, focusing instead on opening old doors and second chances, with the support of new doors opening on the income front over the coming weeks and months.

Leo HoroscopeLeo Horoscope

Whether its work/life balance issues or work tension, when the heat comes on it’s more likely to be a case that you’re pushing things too far or you’re failing to maintain the balance that is now so essential. That is always the case at this time of year, for in the final week of your old solar year there is less energy to go around. However, this is especially so after Mars’ return to the same reflective part of your chart where the Sun is wrapping up your current solar year. With new doors due to open on the income front next week, focus more on working smarter and managing your time and energy in a way that you get maximum bang for your buck. What you won’t get away with anymore is scattering your time and energy in all directions, especially when there is nothing in it for you.

Virgo HoroscopeVirgo Horoscope

As you move into the new week things are going to feel very different and possibly a little scary, sensing that you’re now on your own. For Monday is the first full day since early April 2012 that you’ve got no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses, thanks to Mars’ departure from your business sector on Sunday. Yet after 15 months of cosmic support, including Jupiter’s year long visit and the 6 weeks Mars has already invested, you’ve got enough momentum to keep going for weeks, months and years to come. It will be another decade before you get or need the kind of push start you’ve just received. However, this does make it important to hold onto the professional passions and fighting spirit Mars leaves you with, continuing to invest in the things that excite you.

Libra HoroscopeLibra Horoscope

As the Sun spends his last full week in your business sector, where you should be nearing the end of an annual push to get your professional game off the ground and on the right track, this is instead where things are just starting to get interesting. Mars’ return to your business sector over the weekend has been the game changer, firing up your professional passions and fighting spirit, just when you have the resources to create some major momentum. While Mercury, in retrograde motion in your business sector until Sunday, will keep the handbrake off, with Mars returning just as a powerful alliance between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn creates real momentum on the work, business and income fronts, that’s not going to be a bad thing. By the end of the week you’ll be ready to make things happen.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio Horoscope

Since her return to your business sector late last month Venus has enjoyed the support of Uranus in your work sector, giving you the confidence to buy into your professional desires and expectations, knowing that you have the momentum and support needed to walk the talk. While they’ll remain close allies Venus and Uranus are playing such different games and having such a different impact professionally, that there’s a need to separate them out. Venus’ last full week in your business sector is creating a sense of urgency, especially when it comes to defining your professional expectations. This is more about the ‘what’ than the ‘when, where and how’, which can happen later. In the meantime, Uranus’ retrograde turn in your work sector on Friday asks that you pace yourself on the work front.

Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius Horoscope

Any week that begins with the Moon having left your business sector less than 24 hours ago brings a need to hold onto the professional instincts, clues, hunches and insights this left you with, moving forward with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground. While the Moon visits your business sector once a month the visit that only just wrapped up on Sunday was far more important than simply a monthly catch up and a chance to get your bearings, making it important to pay attention. For this was the Moon’s last visit before Venus returns to your business sector early next week, not only opening the first doors for the year, but to a period of planetary activity that won’t run its course until December. This gives you a chance to start lining up at the right doors before they open.

Capricorn HoroscopeCapricorn Horoscope

It is the Moon that rides to the rescue in the early hours of the week, allowing you to transition into a whole new experience. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos left your work sector on Sunday, less than 24 hours before the week began and not only wrapped up his own 6 week visit or 15 months of continuous planetary activity, but all the planetary activity in both your professional houses. This makes Monday the first full day since October 2009 where you have no planetary activity in either of your professional houses, finally ending one of the biggest professional pushes you will ever live through. Yet you’re not entirely on your own, with the Moon moving into the week in your business sector, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp as you get your first look at where to from here.

Aquarius HoroscopeAquarius Horoscope

There is such a complex range of forces in play on the professional front this week and all of them game changing, that there really is a need to take things one step at a time, for taken as a whole this could be completely overwhelming. There are a range of events this week, any one of them having the potential to make this one of the most important professional weeks of the year, that combined could be overwhelming. The real game changer has been Mars’ return to your work sector over the weekend, with his position here until the end of next month creating some of the busiest weeks of the year. Yet this comes just as a major alliance between income, work and business forces comes together. By keeping your professional instincts sharp and ear to the ground you’ll easily manage things.

Pisces HoroscopePisces Horoscope

In her last full week in your work sector Venus is on a mission, knowing that when she leaves next Tuesday the Sun will return to take over from where she leaves off and that you have another 3 months to bring things home. Venus is working to establish what you do and don’t want on the work front, focusing on the ‘what’ rather than the ‘when, where and how’. Venus will only spend 25 days in your work sector, but these days will define your reality and experiences over the next 12 months. To make full use of Venus’ influence you have to put aside how you’re going to do things, knowing that will come later. The Moon’s return to your business sector on Friday will ensure your professional instincts are sharp in Venus’ final days. The reality checks and details can wait till next week. – Astrolis

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