Business Horoscope April 29 to May 5

 Business Horoscope April 29 to May 5

Aries HoroscopeAries Horoscope

With Pluto, the only planet in either of your professional houses, in retrograde motion in your business sector, things have quietened down on the professional front, allowing you to focus more on where the money is as extraordinary forces play out in your income sector. Yet this week professional and income forces are going to come together in solidarity and the timing couldn’t be better. The Moon will return to your business sector midweek, making his first visit since Pluto turned retrograde, with your professional instincts able to hook into the hindsight you now have access to. This puts the Moon here as for the first time in nearly 30 years Mars’ visit to your income sector puts him in opposition with Saturn. This will see your fighting spirit and professions instincts kick in.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus Horoscope

With no planetary activity in either of your professional houses the Moon’s only visits are always important, giving you a chance to get your bearings and that’s especially so on the business front, with no more planetary activity in your business sector until 2014. However, the Moon’s return to your business sector on Thursday will not only see your professional instincts kick in, giving you a chance to tap into the professional objectives forged in the early months of the year, but to start lining up for some stunning developments on the income front. The Moon will be in your business sector on Friday, when Venus will be just one week to the day away from teaming up with lucky Jupiter in your income sector. This gives you a chance to put your professional and income objectives on the same page.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini Horoscope

After a lunar eclipse in your work sector late last week and pressure on both Saturn and the North Node here over the weekend, the last thing you need is another stressful week on the work front, but unfortunately or fortunately in terms of how history will ultimately judge this, this is what you’ve got. Saturn and the North Node, the mainstays on the work front, are both under pressure this week, yet by the end of the week the real hurdles will be behind you and with the Moon returning to your business sector over the weekend, by the time your professional instincts kick in you’ll have a much better read on things. Yes, there is some work tension but with this comes a chance to define what you’re really working towards, especially with major income developments opening up in June.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer Horoscope

Your week begins with an extreme amount of work focus and as that has been the case for some time, with even the weekend not providing much let up, you’ll be hoping that things ease back. As you move into the new week you’re in the final days of a short but intense push to get your professional year up to speed and on the right track, that began with Mars’ return to your business sector on the 12th March. Mercury’s departure from your business sector on Thursday will bring that push to an end, but in the meantime his final days here require as much mental focus as possible, with the Moon’s position in your work sector in the early days of the week ensuring that you also have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground. This frenetic push will be over by the weekend.

Leo HoroscopeLeo Horoscope

After the Sun and Venus have already endured their first opposition with Saturn as they make their annual visit to your business sector in nearly 30 years and after last week’s lunar eclipse brought even more intensity, it’s hard to imagine that things could get any more intense, yet that’s exactly what happens this week. Saturn is still putting pressure on the planets in your business sector, with the most extreme coming to a head when he moves into opposition with Mars midweek. Here Saturn finds his match and like a red rag to a bull this is likely to see your professional passions and fighting spirit fight kick in and with the Moon in your work sector and Mercury returning to your business sector on Thursday, this is when the tide starts to turn and tension turns into motivation.

Virgo HoroscopeVirgo Horoscope

It would be very easy to dismiss or brush aside some work/life balance tension at the start of the week, especially as it’s simply the Moon’s monthly visit to your home and family sector putting him into opposition with Jupiter in your business sector. This happens every month and is part of the pattern of your year and a chance to address any work/life balance issues. Yet this time around there is an extra need to pay attention, for as well as triggering some work/life balance tension this will push some buttons on the business front, just before some dramatic developments next week. Meanwhile, the Moon’s return to your work sector on Thursday will give you a chance to get your bearings on the work front, for the last time before major developments kick in on the business front.

Libra HoroscopeLibra Horoscope

As you move into the new week, a week where financial and income issues are going to dominate, you could still be feeling up in the air about work matters and some work/life balance tension this week could have you rethinking your professional options as well. Yet rather than thinking this is something that you have to fix, this is exactly where you need to be. With some major developments on the business front in June, buttons being pushed by the Moon mid week are supposed to get you thinking. Meanwhile, things are likely to feel up in the air on the work front because while Mercury wrapped up an active and defining few months over 2 weeks ago, until the Moon makes his first visit since then you won’t have a chance to put all the pieces together. You’ll get that chance over the weekend.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio Horoscope

In a week where you’re likely to be dealing with life’s issues and everything is likely to feel more stressful, this makes it important not to sweat the small stuff and on the work front, to keep emotions out of the equation, working smarter and efficiently. Where it’s often a reality that the biggest danger is letting work pressures spill into your personal life, this week the reverse is true, that you need to guard against life’s pressures and tensions getting into work situations. Instead work is the one place you’re likely to find refuge, when until Mercury leaves your work sector on Thursday and especially with the Moon in your income sector in the early days of the week, giving you a nose for money, you’re able to work smarter, think on your feet and play your A game.

Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius Horoscope

Sometimes it’s the unexpected that throws us, like a thunderstorm when the weather forecasters had predicted a sunny day, yet knowing the thunderstorm is coming changes the dynamics completely. In that spirit there’s a need to be prepared for a stressful week on the work front, yet also that there’s not only a rainbow at the end but this is more likely to work to your advantage. As you move into the new week the Sun, who moves through your work sector at this time of year, is just moving out from under his first opposition with Saturn while moving through here in 28 years, with Mars moving into opposition midweek and Mercury, who only returns on Thursday, coming under pressure over the weekend. Yet from this you’ll have a chance to define what you’re fighting for.

Capricorn HoroscopeCapricorn Horoscope

 Pay attention to any work tension in the early days of the week, especially because it’s likely to be both fleeting and subtle and therefore easy to dismiss. After all, it’s simply the Moon’s monthly visit to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart putting pressure on Jupiter in your work sector, as has been your reality ever since the planet of luck returned last June. Yet behind any buttons that this pushes you’ll find some valuable clues, hunches and insights, in what is your last wakeup call before Venus’ game changing return to your work sector next week. When Venus returns and teams up with lucky Jupiter next week it will be to start the process of bringing things home. Also important is the nose for money the Moon’s midweek visit to your income sector will provide.

Aquarius HoroscopeAquarius Horoscope

Because the Moon only left your business sector on Sunday, having come to a head as a lunar eclipse last Friday, all the intensity is still there and with your professional instincts still sharp you’re able to get a sense of where any pressure or tension is coming from and what it’s trying to push you towards. The one thing that should be happening but isn’t, is for the pressure that will always come with a Full Moon to drop off. Instead, it’s likely to get worse, as not only the Sun but Venus, Mars and Mercury all put pressure on the forces in play on the business front this week. This is going to see work/life balance tension increase before it gets better, yet at the same time this is keeping you motivated, with a chance for a breakthrough as early as this coming weekend.

Pisces HoroscopePisces Horoscope

Starting any week with the Moon in your business sector, sharpening your professional instincts and ensuring you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, is always an advantage and even more so this week. This is the Moon’s last visit to your business sector before returning in 4 weeks time as a lunar eclipse, but as well as lining you up for some fateful events in the not too distant future, this also puts the Moon here during Mercury’s final days in your income sector, before leaving on Thursday. Together the Moon’s professional instincts and Mercury’s smart head for money allow you to put your professional and income objectives on the same page. While the Moon will move on, like a bell that can’t be unrung, once you know what you know you’re able to hold onto this. – Astrolis

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