Business Horoscope June 26 to June 30

 Business Horoscope June 26 to June 30

business-horoscope-capricornWeekly Capricorn Horoscope:

From Sunday, June 26 2011 – 12:00am
To Thursday, June 30 2011 – 11:59pm

Your communication skills are at a high this Sunday. Most of us would love to have your timing; you seem to know just when to say the right thing or to make your presence known at the most important time. The rebel in you likes to ignore your dreams and ideals and just let come what may. Later this Monday, you have an opportunity to show off your professional talents. A brilliant idea may need more work, but will eventually bring you a great deal of success. You could have difficulty getting your ideas across to others this Tuesday. Sometimes you have feelings of inadequacy in matters that require logic or the use of your mental powers. Give yourself more credit! You may deal with education, psychology, spiritual enlightenment or teaching principles and techniques this Wednesday. This time marks a change of direction for you: away from the material and glitter, toward inner needs and security. You will be taking the initiative this Thursday in many difficult areas. If you need help, all you have to do is ask. You will feel a great deal of support from those around you. Relax and enjoy the company of friends tonight.

business-horoscope-sagittariusWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:
You may have had trouble lately trying to understand those who seem too emotional. Since you are a born leader, others find it easy to take instructions from you and tend to follow your example this Sunday. You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others. Let things take their natural course this Monday, which should be an easy one now. Ambition and achievement are qualities you hold in special regard. Entertainment this evening includes family. Your intuition is strong and can guide you accurately in making decisions this Tuesday. You have a natural psychological ability, particularly when working with the public. Your career is smooth this Wednesday. A career in communications of one kind or another is indicated–you are a kind of living link or channel. Relax in the hot tub this evening. Lecturing and teaching and guiding others spiritually may take a big part of your Thursday; rewards are available. This afternoon you may seek solace from your family or loved one(s). Refurbishing your energy is important and you create these times alone to do just that. Exercise is a plus as well.

business-horoscope-piscesWeekly Pisces Horoscope:
This Sunday you might spend some time writing a proposal for your department or your own advancement. Your boss or superior may appreciate your ideas if you allow them time to mull the thoughts over in their mind–no pushing. A need to be respected is strong this Monday. Work, achievement and ambition are very important to you. You could find yourself working overtime and having a difficult time making everyone happy. Enjoy some quiet time this evening. You may find yourself as a guide or teacher to others this Tuesday. This afternoon is a positive time to surround yourself with friends and young people. This evening you give yourself some time to do a little research for a report of some sort. This Wednesday there is a passion for inventions and electronics as some new equipment is available for your inspection. You are concerned with issues of freedom and independence today. Whatever is most practical is best for this Thursday and you appreciate things that are durable and long-lasting. You love truth, philosophy, law and the like. You can perform with the imagination as others work with durable things.

business-horoscope-aquariusWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:
Some sort of extra support from those around you is welcomed this Sunday. You may feel that you are in harmony with others. Achievement is the thing that means a lot to you now and you may find you and your teammates winning in a game of sports. Given only a few facts this Monday, you are able to take in a situation and come up with a real picture of what is truth. You are able to solve problems and this could include computer or technical related problems as well as psychological ones. There will soon be an opportunity to take control and become more disciplined–a chance this Tuesday to see your own solutions develop and succeed. Wednesday is a time when support and recognition should be available from public, family and friends. You feel at home in the world and it more than takes care of you. Gratitude happens. You have a quick wit about you and may find yourself talkative with clever ideas and remedies to the problems of the day. There are opportunities to have a deeper bonding with those you love this Thursday evening.

business-horoscope-ariesWeekly Aries horoscope:
As a natural architect and builder, you are able to use your mind in making decisions regarding matters of form and function this Sunday. For you, the goal and the way to get to it are the same thing. You successfully attack and solve problems this Monday, whether they are personal or public. Chances are that your social skills make you popular with almost everyone. You may find yourself coaching young people this afternoon–an inspiration. The next few days are social. You could be receiving attention from your superiors this Tuesday. You review, preview and work on a presentation that represents your point of view. You may want to avoid the trivialities this Wednesday–you hate small talk anyway. Exercise the talents you have to quietly investigate and explore possibilities for new techniques in business. Ambition is where your objective is focused this Thursday morning. Before you know it, quitting time is upon you and you consider overtime–don’t. The time you are with family or loved ones is very important and helps to build memories for later.

business-horoscope-taurusWeekly Taurus Horoscope:
There is much communication this Sunday–perhaps a meeting. You are out-front, frank and even rough at times as you try to get to the heart of a subject. Careful–make sure the ego is removed from the on-going conversation and the facts are included. Monday’s business may throw you into an environment of quick changes. Ignoring these changes will not make them go away–it will only intensify them and cause problems. If you ignore anything that comes to your attention, it will just persist anyway. You are sociable, even to the point of bringing out the performer in others on Tuesday. You somehow manage to find a creative environment. This afternoon will present opportunities for group sports. Communicating with others is most positive this Wednesday. You know just when to introduce your ideas or comments. As a natural socialite, you love decorum and etiquette, but relationships are the big thing–friends. Working overtime is the theme of this Thursday. The easy way out may not be beneficial to your health or well-being. Tonight you might allow a young person to take the lead.

business-horoscope-geminiWeekly Gemini Horoscope:
This Sunday there is an emphasis on communication, expression of ideas and the connections between things, places and people. What goes on in your mind is the all-important motivation in your life. You tend toward mental pursuits and admire intelligence. This is a great day to grow closer to family members. There is an opportunity to learn a new way of working this Monday afternoon. The cycle that begins for you now will be marked by an intense focus on mental activity. Regardless of interruptions or amount of difficulty–the work you set out for yourself this Tuesday morning seems to get completed quickly. You may find yourself writing or involved in a creative activity this afternoon. Jumping in with both feet and putting your
thoughts into action is called for this Wednesday. You have a natural insight and understanding as to what the public wants. Your career gets plenty of support from other people and you feel at home making practical and management decisions. You express an understanding to the needs of others and may find yourself giving advice to a co-worker or friend this Thursday morning.

business-horoscope-cancerWeekly Cancer Horoscope:
This Sunday you discover new ways of working with traditional materials. You are in a good position to lend your expertise if you find yourself working and selling to the public. Attending a special social gathering this evening could be of benefit to your professional life; network often. You appear very relaxed this Monday. Everything seems to be working well and you may find yourself quite expressive. You seek out facts and information to use constructively. Outer circumstances are favorable this Tuesday and you find yourself taking advantage of the good day to push forward with most any project. A co-worker or teammate is efficient and always full of good spirits. This Wednesday, the key to career moves involves attending to nagging
details–whatever you have neglected or delayed. Attentions to matters of health and efficiency are also important. Opportunities abound and you may find yourself wanting and able to do almost everything. You are able to accomplish quite a lot this Thursday. Still: it would be wise to pace yourself. This evening is a good opportunity to be with the ones you love.

business-horoscope-leoWeekly Leo Horoscope:
Unhappiness in your personal situation may be improved upon by concentrating on your most positive qualities this Sunday. You have an uncanny ability to get beyond the regular routine. Your life takes on a kind of mystical quality at the instinctive level this Monday. Your very organized self tends to hide behind duties and responsibilities. This no-nonsense approach manages to push aside many opportunities for others to reach out to you. Using your mind to negotiate and handle dilemmas–whether they are yours or not–is a great talent this Tuesday. You have an innate ability to guide and lead others through the hassles of life. You may find yourself involved in your favorite pastime this afternoon. Your viewpoint is very important to a special friend this Wednesday morning. You will be helpful as you penetrate and get to the very heart of most problems. Guard against doing for this person what he or she can do alone. You may be asked for your advice regarding very personal issues this Thursday. You are able to cut through the red tape and get at what is beneath and behind.

business-horoscope-virgoWeekly Virgo Horoscope:
This Sunday is a time of good fortune when things open up in a very natural way. Situations are almost magical and it can become quite a lot of fun to think about the future and choose a path. You naturally gravitate toward positions of power and authority. Your ability to rally support also makes a public career of one kind or another quite probable. This Monday you
will find success in religion, education, politics or the law. You may find yourself counseling or ministering to others this Tuesday. This may mean you will be helping or guiding young people, lecturing, tutoring or giving some orientation presentation. You could be most persuasive with others this Wednesday. Your own partiality for routine and the traditional may result in your feeling challenged by anything new. Career moves would benefit from your special attention. You look for ways to lend a helping hand this Thursday. If you are serving the public, you may find that attendance or the shopping clientele is a bit down in numbers just now. This may give you an opportunity to pay special attention to one or two customers.

business-horoscope-libraWeekly Libra Horoscope:
This Sunday could be a challenging day in that plenty of interruptions and other people’s ideas may sway your focus, but you will manage to be successful at whatever you attempt this day. You are most persuasive with others this Monday. This talent is a natural for self-expression and lends itself to your particular ideas and thoughts. You are able to express yourself so that others know just what you mean. This has the makings of an exciting and profitable Tuesday. You manage to come across as intense and personal when communicating and presenting yourself to others. Others can be fascinated by the way you conduct business. Working with–rather than against–the flow should be easy to do. You could find yourself lecturing or teaching young people this Wednesday. A well-trained sales person could do well to learn your techniques. Not a great starter this Thursday–you may have trouble initiating things and getting them moving. You may need help from co-workers or others in undertaking a large task. Entertainment outside the home can be enjoyed.

business-horoscope-scorpioWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:
This Sunday, art and music have the power to heal, uplift or energize. This morning you enjoy the music that surrounds you. This could be in your own home, rehearsing with a band or in religious services. Praise and encouragement is all-important and what you don’t receive, you can give. Keep your priorities in order this Monday as you may feel you are moving around in circles. You could become carried away under some of the stresses so take little steps. Neighbors will likely bring good experiences your way this evening. You can make lasting impressions and generate positive changes this Tuesday. Try not to take words too personally and make every effort to remain in a positive frame of mind. It is good that you are not ashamed to ask questions. You are gifted and even lucky when it comes to decision making this Wednesday. Things almost always manage to
work out for you; today is no different. There are some important facts to acquire before expressing your viewpoints. If you are working this Thursday, you will find it easy to work with others. You tend to pour a lot of energy into those around you.

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