Business Horoscope June 19 to June 25

 Business Horoscope June 19 to June 25

business-horoscope-capricornWeekly Capricorn Horoscope:

From Sunday, June 19 2011 – 12:00am
To Saturday, June 25 2011 – 11:59pm

Glancing through the paper this Sunday morning, you might have noticed a few garage sales in your living area. This may be a good time to enjoy a garage sale day. Your positive outlook lets you get right to the point this Monday and you have little patience with those who do not seem to be able to make up their minds. A dream of yours is delayed, but only for a while. Take a little trip, or get outside this Tuesday. You may want to break that routine and try something new or different right now. Tonight is for romance. You have great internal strength and tend to be independent, preferring to lean on yourself more than on others. You may find opportunities to be self-motivating this Wednesday–certainly no dependency here. Networking brings positive results this Thursday. You will soon enjoy the rewards of your hard work. You are at your subtle best.
Business is positive and opportunities to improve your financial status can be acted upon this Friday. Spending some time with friends or co-workers during the noon meal may prove interesting. This Saturday could be a good time to create a more flexible you. When you experience interruptions, consider it a chance to gain a helper or to guide and help others.

business-horoscope-sagittariusWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:
If you are in the middle of moving or performing some alteration to your home environment this Sunday, you may find that there are no real complaints and progress is recognized. This Monday is a great time to be with others and to work together. You are ambitious and open to improvement in business. The word for this Tuesday is accomplishment. Although work is accomplished with little or no problems this Wednesday, there is a feeling of low energy. This will pass but you can use the afternoon as an opportunity to clear away some of the things that you have been holding for too long. In the work place this Thursday, it may be best to dig in and strengthen your current position rather than expand outward too much. A hunch is worth pursuing in the afternoon. You have a great gift for sensing the limits and truth of any matter. Your sense of responsibility is clear and requires no training or education. There is a sign of clarity and competence in practical and business matters this Friday. You are a trendsetter and perhaps an inventor. Electronics, computers and communications could be a big part of your life this Saturday. It is a time to take risks and dare to be a little unconventional.

business-horoscope-piscesWeekly Pisces Horoscope:
You may be considering your own business this Sunday. You are scrappy and inventive and can come up with a multitude of ideas. You try hard to push toward the completion of whatever goals are in front of you this Monday. Your no-nonsense, practical approach makes this day run smoothly. Decisions made this Tuesday may have to be rethought later; take your time with how you think you want to proceed on some project. You can be peaceful, calm and undisturbed regardless of what is going on around you this Wednesday. You are a genius at bringing out the best in others and this is something you take great pride in now. You have a natural ability to grasp spiritual and visionary matters. There is an opportunity to work with theatrical props or some other similar subject this Thursday. A sense of support and harmony makes this a happy time. You may find yourself feeling blocked or unable to express yourself this Friday, particularly in a group situation. It may be a bit difficult to focus on your work today because of some upcoming fun event later. You tend to be creative and original with the development or expression of your talent(s) and this Saturday may be the day that brings in new ideas and spontaneity to bear.

business-horoscope-aquariusWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:
A Sunday at home is not the usual day at home. Someone will be teaching you how to fix canned pickles or fruit for jam; in turn, you could be teaching someone else about a garden project or how to set up a water garden in his or her back yard. It is a busy day but an accomplished and fun day. You have a natural sense of organization so don’t be too surprised when you are asked to help others this Monday. You know and understand more than you realize, others may experience growth by simply answering your penetrating questions this Tuesday. Your affections are returned later in the day. If you are in a job that calls for a creative expression this Wednesday, you can excel in your presentation. Working with another person speeds the work along to a completion in the afternoon. You could find this Thursday that you are appreciated and valued for your feelings as well as your ability to act and get things done. Domestic issues are on your mind this Friday. Write down a few short sentences that you can review at home and then busy yourself with your work. You do well in projects that have you working with the public. You may find yourself working with the public quite a bit this Saturday, and for the next few days.

business-horoscope-ariesWeekly Aries horoscope:
A color change and a few shelves for your fine possessions and you are a happy camper this Sunday. Create a little area for yourself . . . a place where you can rest from your busy day. This Monday is a time of good fortune when things open up in a very natural way for you. Situations are just perfect for your choosing. You are able to act quickly and get things accomplished fast this Tuesday. So that others will respect your time, you must learn to politely say no, occasionally. Your organizational abilities and sense of responsibility will be what guides you and proves successful. A talent of yours is required in the business place this Wednesday. With a great interest in the business and practical world, your mind works like a steel trap, particularly when it comes to making career and management decisions. This Thursday is great time to be with others in teamwork. Your positive outlook and attitude lets you get right to the point this Friday and you have very little patience to tolerate anything less than the uppermost positive from others. You have many opportunities to guide and encourage others. You are an action person who gains the attention of others this Saturday and seems to get things moving.

business-horoscope-taurusWeekly Taurus Horoscope:
It is important that you follow your dreams. This Sunday you might consider a volunteer group within the realm of young people, for it is the young people that you can help to calm, guide, listen or teach. Everyday responsibilities can be demanding this Monday–your success depends on your ability to exercise only practical and proven methods. Your energy is always welcome. You may find yourself very appreciative of your own career and practical skills this Tuesday. There is the possibility this Wednesday of new visions or sudden insights into your ability to solve problems and others take your lead. Progress in the workplace is a miraculous thing but it is possible. Deadlines and projects may be running close to completion this Thursday. You should extend great effort and hard work regarding these matters. The activities at work or school or just the enjoyment of life is a bit more relaxed this Friday. You will be called upon to help in a group session. This could involve some poll taking and some rule setting before decisions can be made. Work in groups is to be expected now. There will be plenty of opportunities this Saturday for communicating your ideas or making speeches about your ideas.

business-horoscope-geminiWeekly Gemini Horoscope:
You don’t want to be alone for a lifetime so you may decide that this Sunday is a good time to plan a future that can be shared with a beloved. Everything seems to put you in the public eye this Monday. You come off well in group matters now and manage to get your ideas across quickly and efficiently. It may be hard to organize or persevere this Tuesday. Everything may seem to be falling apart and coming unglued. Do not force things. It’s important to keep your perspective with a close relationship on Wednesday. Something you thought was resolved may, once again, come to your attention. A loved one shows off a new talent tonight. On Thursday you may decide to discuss your financial plans with a person of influence. You may be more creditworthy than you had thought. This Friday is the perfect time for new ideas. You have the mind of a lawyer, always able to size up a problem and come up with a solution. However, do not go against tradition or become too independent for group approval. Take a camera to the party tonight; you will be glad you did. Financial transactions are favored this Saturday. A flea market or some sort of trade day event may be enjoyed. You may be called upon today to advise others. This is a good day.

business-horoscope-cancerWeekly Cancer Horoscope:
When it rains, it pours. Many opportunities come to you in the next few days and they are all positive. Look around this Sunday and you will find many people that present you with a lot of job ideas, choice in living accommodations, choice of travel, etc. Monday is a very good day for job-related events. You may shine in your particular job and find that a promotion is possible. Tuesday you will enjoy working in the environment where higher-ups show off their independence and originality. Travel and education can help uncover some of the answers that will give you the power or advantage you seek at a time like this Wednesday. Allow yourself these experiences. Mass communications can be financially rewarding in some way–think about advertising, broadcasting, publishing, etc. Health and work goals take on greater importance this Thursday. An exercise program can be enjoyed with a friend in the afternoon. Friday is an easy, calm day and you should find everything running in a smooth manner. Ideas and interaction with authority figures or older people may be in the forecast. Do not underplay your creative abilities this Saturday. This evening would be a good time to express and receive love to a loved one.

business-horoscope-leoWeekly Leo Horoscope:
You may be searching for that special place or that special feeling this Sunday. Perhaps just living each day to the fullest is the step in the right direction. Your distinctive qualities are brought out this Monday as someone younger than you seeks your advice. Someone could challenge you on a very sensitive issue this Tuesday. There is a passion for searching, finding out and communicating your discoveries. Mysterious or mystical information fires your imagination this Wednesday and you may find there could be more imagination than knowledge for now. Keep an open mind and learn all you can, but do not take everything you hear for gospel. Circumstances this Thursday can throw you into a situation where you must deal with communications, service or hidden interests. You may deal with education, psychology or teaching principles and techniques to others today. In the afternoon you deserve a little respite. Things that are happening in your career or path may depend upon your own ambition and patience; which are strong this Friday. You are able to use good sense–you can make the right moves. Truth, religion and philosophy are subjects of great interest this Saturday. Others seek you out for your advice.

business-horoscope-virgoWeekly Virgo Horoscope:
Parental relationships could have been better when you were growing up but this Sunday, somehow, these same people that were telling you what to do are listening to you tell them what to do. Your smooth-talking abilities, as well as your quick wit and ready tongue, will create some positive results in the business world this Monday. Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued. Things are happening, and your career or path depends upon your own ambition and drive; which can be quite strong this Tuesday. There is a feeling this Wednesday that things will work out in positive ways. You should be able to improve your security now. This is a time of independence when you may try new and different things. You will undoubtedly be able to rely on your own wits this Thursday. Financial dealings are successful and basically assured. For whatever reason, you felt it necessary to hold back your business expertise in the past; now is the time to move forward. Take a little trip or get outside during the lunch hour this Friday. You may want to break your routine and try something new or different for a while. This Saturday could be the time to make your request for a date.

business-horoscope-libraWeekly Libra Horoscope:
A fun visit with friends this Sunday will tell you an awful lot about the other person. This should be a place where both of you agree would be fun and relaxing–perhaps a new art exhibit. Monday is a good time to merge and organize your affairs or rearrange a business venture. As a good detective or research person, you will find yourself having a passion for answers this Tuesday. Questioning and searching finds you in pursuit of some piece of useful information. Your physical vitality, psychological or spiritual goals are highly emphasized this Wednesday. If there is something in your life that works against your progress–now is the time to weed through and eliminate it. Good practical job-related thoughts and ideas are available. This Thursday, there is likely to be an emphasis on reading, writing, studying and all forms of exchanging information with others. This Friday is a good time to think about how your future is taking shape. If you are not doing the work you really love doing, make a list of what you think you would like to be doing professionally and work toward that end. This Saturday you may express that talent in your home surroundings when you find yourself in charge of a group or project.

business-horoscope-scorpioWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:
You are adamant about some government issue this Sunday and may find that you will want to enter politics so that you can change policies. Try not to be such a perfectionist! It is one thing to be competent, another to be excessively conscientious. This Monday is a good time to lighten up a little! You have a relentless drive to get at the heart of things this Tuesday, whatever is under the surface or behind the scenes. Your relentless pursuit of anything hidden or secret makes you a researcher or investigator bar none. The idea of how you want your Wednesday to go and the plans of those around you may be in conflict. With communication, compromise and the willingness to share, today can turn out to be one of your best. You may feel more powerful this Thursday, but you also feel more compassion. This is the start of increased responsibility and accountability. The realization may create a desire to write a bit of poetry. Work is fast and furious this Friday. Be sure to take your allocated breaks. This way it will be easier for you to keep your energies in balance. A sibling or mate is on a health kick but you are also interested in a better health regimen. Health goals take on a greater importance this Saturday.

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