Business Horoscope July 24 to July 31

 Business Horoscope July 24 to July 31

business horoscope capricornWeekly Capricorn Horoscope:

From Sunday, July 24 2011 – 12:00am
To Sunday, July 31 2011 – 11:59pm

Just being yourself this Sunday and living your life to the fullest brings you joy. In some sense, just being you is both the goal and the means of traveling to that goal. You will not put up with something you do not believe is productive. The hallmark of the cycle you have just begun this Monday is of thinking, learning and communicating with style. A quiet time this Tuesday morning allows you time to focus and enjoy that “floating” feeling. Your imagination is very powerful today. You and your loved one(s) may find fun conversations about dreams. Personal issues are solved easily this Wednesday. Taking care of family is a major theme where your emotional orientation is concerned. You crave organization and practicality and you want to get things accomplished. Thursday could be a time of change. You may be playing the waiting game and find yourself waiting for a big event or approval of a loan or a job acceptance. You will probably pass through this workday quite easily this Friday. You may be sought after as just the person for a particular job. Your timing should be perfect this Saturday; the right words, good choices and spontaneity are easy. There is a lot of busy work–communication, investigation and research–perhaps through probing questions. You are not afraid of a good confrontation and you seldom pull any punches. There is an ease with your personal project this Sunday that you may have never known before. A good day.

business horoscope sagittariusWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:
You are in a planning mood this Sunday and are very clearheaded and able to view all the paths. This Monday, as usual, you will have an uncanny ability to get beyond the normal chatter, to find new ways of doing things. You can take the most mundane stuff and find a new angle. Ideas have greater meaning and form just now. You have an innate love of the law and working things through and you are not put off by problems and obstacles this Tuesday. On the contrary, you look forward to solving them. You will be working with others regarding vocation or career guidance today. A clear-minded insight into your own plans and methods is available to you this Wednesday. This is a good time to share your dreams with others, each one taking a little time to talk about just where they want their lives to take them. New energies will boost your morale this Thursday morning. You are feeling good and your attitude is much more positive than in the past. Others learn from your enthusiasm. Friday is good for using your imagination and creativity for problem solving. Showing others the way through or beyond the problems in their lives comes easily–you sense how to manipulate the opportunities of life. This Saturday is a time of intense creativity, enabling you to go through changes and inner growth. You are an action person who gains the attention of others this Sunday and gets people and things moving.

business horoscope piscesWeekly Pisces Horoscope:
Religious and psychological ideas are natural and easy to talk about this Sunday. Your mind is quick and sharp and your words are the only weapon you will need. You have insight this Monday into your emotions and drive and you can talk about your feelings with great insight. The hallmark of the cycle you have just begun is thinking, learning and communicating with style. Whatever frustration appears this Tuesday morning will be short term. You might feel that some avenue of support has been cut off or blocked. Do not take these problems personally. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best this Wednesday afternoon. There are subjects you love to talk about and you may finally have found a new friend that loves to listen. A sense of nostalgia and domesticity begins this Thursday, emphasizing a need for security and a sense of roots. If you are not on vacation this week, you should be. This Friday is the most amicable time to travel. In the working world someone may challenge your authority or the direction you are taking. Events could conspire to make it difficult for you to act–cross with care. You will have several opportunities to work with young people this Saturday–perhaps involving your teaching of economics or budgeting. You could be very much in demand as a counselor. Solving problems in spiritual surroundings this Sunday may get you volunteered for activities you had not considered.

business horoscope aquariusWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:
This Sunday could be one of those days where you need to be observant instead of expressive. You may feel blocked or frustrated emotionally by a co-worker or friend this Monday morning. Careful, as arguments of an emotional kind could be easy to find. There is some time for sharing with your loved one(s) this evening–a busy but happy time. New ways to communicate or an easy manner will make conversations and interactions go well this Tuesday. You may find yourself more talkative than at any other time. Continued success on the career level may point to your abandoning some of your ideas this Wednesday; the time will be right soon. Authorities and red tape may stand between you and your goals this Thursday. Patience with others and yourself could be in order now. You will find that your mind and thoughts are very intense. A need to be respected is an emotionally charged issue in your life this Friday. You develop a knack for organizing things and people, as a sense of ambition and practicality takes hold. Legal work, not necessarily problems, may come into play this Saturday. Perhaps there is someone near you who needs your guidance. Your natural sense of justice makes future legal work a distinct possibility for you. You may find yourself having fun with some of your co-worker friends this Sunday. Interactions at a friendly sports game may create just what is needed to get to know your working teammates better.

business horoscope ariesWeekly Aries horoscope:
Others may make it difficult for you to express yourself this Sunday as the energies seem a bit scattered. If you are busy with your own personal project, you may be able to avoid any unnecessary difficulties. Monday you will be able to tackle tasks that require real discipline and organization. A group situation this Tuesday may need some guidance and you can affect a positive change among the group. Directing or guiding others this Wednesday, you are able to keep the flow of energy in a forward movement without too many stops and starts. Thursday is a period of great mental activity and heightened communication with others. You communicate with consummate skill and it is stimulating just being with you. Your high degree of mental concentration makes you an excellent student, able to excel at all types of communication technology. Traveling to and out of a familiar but less traveled area could be just what you need this week. This Friday could be a familiar path or side road instead of traveling the busy highways. There may be several times this Saturday where you could be in a position to guide young people. Perhaps several young people are helping in the workplace for a few weeks. This could mean taking inventory or rearranging inventory. There are many opportunities to make fun choices this Sunday. Your ideas run deeper than superficial issues; an interest in depth psychology and even occult and mystical subjects could evolve.

business horoscope taurusWeekly Taurus Horoscope:
A yen for variety is a hallmark of this Sunday–this especially applies to romantic experience as well as artistic tastes. A sociable, congenial and slightly frivolous orientation sets in just now. Monday is a good workday–much can be accomplished. There is much imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and thinking. You may find plenty of opportunities to be a coordinator of events this Tuesday. You are a natural diplomat, always courteous and concerned with the comfort and welfare of others. Gathering and exchanging information becomes a more important part of your life this Wednesday. This may not take place in the form of gossip, but in the form of education. You may spend a great deal of time on the computer this Thursday. Research takes many avenues. Financial savvy is a quality that takes on greater importance in your life now. A knack for knowing how to put people, ideas and things together could be quite profitable for you. Quick answers, great wit and a surplus of insights and solutions are available this Friday. Continued change, search, discovery and transformation keep you on the move and growing. You may come face-to-face this Saturday with someone who has very different values than your own. You could find yourself cast in an opposing position. Sunday is a great time to be with others, in any sort of group situation. A chance to play some team sports or just hang out with friends equals a good time.

business horoscope geminiWeekly Gemini Horoscope:
You will feel a great deal of support from those around you this Sunday for whatever you want to accomplish. This Monday you will enjoy your pursuit in learning subjects that are concerned with fiber optics, radio waves, electronics, computers, etc. Intellectual creativity is highlighted and your social connections have the flair of drama to them. Mundane tasks are not for you this Tuesday, for your interests are elsewhere–you may yearn for an adventure to take you out of the usual. You busy yourself this morning with chores anyway, but your mind is fixed on the fun stuff you and your friends will do at a certain time. Working at an art fair or flea market is fun and profitable this Wednesday. Concentration on work is always important; the plans you have made this Thursday will make the day go smoothly; you are appreciated for the way you take your co-workers into consideration. You are loyal, seldom overly emotional and always proper. Cool as a cucumber, you may be surprised this Friday when others tell you that you inspire a calm attitude. Take big steps backwards this Saturday and occasionally look for the amusing parts of your life. See the big picture and learn to lighten your load–often. You feel understanding and accepting and are easily moved by the problems of others. Psychology in all of its forms is a driving force in your life. There is a goal to expand your knowledge and experiences and your focus is on your special goals this Sunday.

business horoscope cancerWeekly Cancer Horoscope:
Religion, truth and the world of philosophy and ideas are of interest this Sunday. You work well with those in authority who are independent and original. You could find yourself engaged in nonconformist causes this Monday, always ready to promote what is independent and innovative. Tuesday you will be able to tackle tasks that require real discipline or organization. You find yourself in a very practical mood and working with the rise and fall of an interesting day. You may see the end results of a long-time project this Wednesday afternoon. You are in the limelight with your accomplishments. A good book or movie is appreciated this evening. There is a lot of energy available for whatever you decide you want or need to accomplish this Thursday. The word accomplish is used because that is your attitude and disciplined work is available. This Friday is a good time to approach the ideas you have had regarding investments. Choices in purchasing items for yourself or your house will be excellent. If you have no birds or fish around your living area, this may be something you consider purchasing. You have a continued interest in adventure and may reveal a motto that says your attention is on yourself for now. This Saturday is your time to shine! Your timing should be perfect this Sunday–you are most natural and enthusiastic. You would do well in a career in music, poetry, psychology, social work, philosophy–the realms of the imagination.

business horoscope leoWeekly Leo Horoscope:
You have a built-in sense of what is expected of you, even without guidance. This Sunday you may find yourself thrown into a job in which you will need to take control. This could include gathering together the kids for learning how to cook a meal or teaching a class within your religious group. Experiencing dissatisfaction with what you have or with what you find around you this Monday may be an indication that a change is needed. This change could involve an attitude or a move. Positive end results are within your reach! You have a strong sense of duty to complete whatever is set before you in the workplace this Tuesday. There is an instinctive push to lend your energies to productive, healing and constructive situations this Wednesday. It could be you are involved in finishing touches of redecorating a room or completing class lectures, teaching young people or just tending to your own chores. You find yourself fighting to realize your goals–some long term–are within reach this Thursday. It may be difficult to let yourself dream as attention to some project is necessary. Patience may be uppermost important today. You manage to come up with the correct approach to most difficulties this Friday. There is a natural ability to negotiate with authorities, plus an ability to find your way when it comes to inner and spiritual matters. There is a lot of energy available for disciplined work this Saturday. However, it is good to learn how to pace yourself. This Sunday is a good time to put your ideas down on paper so that you can make your presentation on Monday morning.

business horoscope virgoWeekly Virgo Horoscope:

You are group-conscious, community-oriented and your awareness points in this direction this Sunday. You have a love affair going with the mind and you value all the offspring: Although you may feel driven toward success this Monday, make sure you are moving in the direction you really want to go! If you are more concerned with security these days, call the police department this Tuesday and schedule an officer to come your house to inspect your home and give suggestions. Financial ties to other people are highlighted this Wednesday. You may have borrowed money and are now ready to return the favor, or the other way around. It is natural for you to put your practical abilities to work this Thursday; even if you are not asked to do so. Your keen organizational skills and clear insight into how things work make you an asset to those around you. Be on the lookout for financial opportunities this Friday. A friend may request some attention this evening–trust your intuition. You may find yourself very appreciative of your career and practical skills this Saturday. You may feel relieved that you took a particular course in school or heard a particular lecture as it helps you to feel knowledgeable and in touch with new techniques. Things will work out in your favor if you maintain low tones this Sunday. You are always working for the benefit of all. You may decide to purchase an antique this afternoon.

business horoscope libraWeekly Libra Horoscope:
This Sunday is a time for imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and thinking. This, coupled with the ability to put your thoughts into words, allows you to captivate others. You can expect a sense of support and good will from those around you on Monday. You have great insight into what motivates the public, crowds and the mind in general. You can work with sensitive and vulnerable psychological areas without batting an eye and would be good at instructing others in these areas. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best this Tuesday. Your problem-solving abilities work very well today. Early this Wednesday morning a family member may have to come and look for you in the garden. You can really get your thoughts and ideas across to others this Thursday. You enjoy deliberation and have a very methodical mind. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best this Friday. This is a great time to be around others in work or play. A sense of security, belonging and nurturing are instinctively felt this Saturday. You can also be a good team player. There is a lot of mental activity. You make positive changes happen in your home environment later in the day. Career choices and direction seem to indicate a loss of freedom and originality on your part this Sunday. Do not settle for the first thing that comes along. If possible, be choosy.

business horoscope scorpioWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:
Fun times can be had, even if you are helping someone paint or perhaps move this Sunday. You may find yourself taking care of your friend’s children and enjoying every moment. Knowing what tool to use and just how and when to use it usually saves a lot of frustration this Monday. You have a sense of the right path to follow. There is a sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level this Tuesday. It is ideas that count for you now, more than narrowly personal concerns. Progress with a new relationship is positive. The exchange of ideas becomes a focal point in a family gathering this Wednesday. This may be the way you and your family choose to run a meeting when any one person is making decisions that touch others. Tonight is for relaxation. Guilt has you up early this Thursday morning and the guilt is all in your head. If you need to accomplish a self-appointed list in order to lead a more orderly life, choose a more orderly life but take small steps to change the difficult life-patterns into which you have become temporarily comfortable. This Friday you complete a unique goal. A new or alternate life style and new ways in which to make a living are interesting to you this Saturday. You are economy personified–always able to salvage and redeem anything. You may find yourself very appreciative of your career and practical skills this Sunday. You might enjoy solving puzzles and problems–finding solutions, etc.

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