Business Horoscope April 10 to April 16

 Business Horoscope April 10 to April 16

business-horoscope-capricornWeekly Capricorn Horoscope:

From Sunday, April 10 2011 – 12:00am
To Saturday, April 16 2011 – 11:59pm

This Sunday is a harmonious time–not much of anything happens. Romantic relationships are favored. Your personal magnetism is high. Listen to the sounds of nature this evening–music or an ocean side restaurant. Your feelings at work this Monday may take on a positive, get-it-done attitude. There are indications that this Tuesday will be extremely busy. Be observant this Wednesday that sometimes it is good to consult with others or allocate the responsibilities. There is an opportunity to help a young person with schoolwork this evening–a fun project. You have the opportunity to set up situations in the workplace this Thursday so that you can compete with yourself in different ways. You find ways to work faster or work in ways that will bring customers or clients to your fine direction. This Friday is a perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions. You have all the drive and energy you could want. Channeling this energy is easy now. The path is open and clear. Others may try to sway you from your project this Saturday. Allow for the interruptions and then return to your choice activity. You know that spring has sprung with all the beauty around you. Enjoy a trip to the park with a sketchpad.

business-horoscope-sagittariusWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:

Personal popularity will come easily this Sunday. You appreciate your particular situation and enjoy having support and giving support to those around you. Harmonize yourself with the job demands this Monday and you will strengthen your present job course. Laughter is good medicine. Someone treats you to dinner in the evening. There is a lot of energy behind your work this Tuesday morning and much can be accomplished. You make quick and wise decisions that gain the attention of higher-ups. Work requires your full attention this Wednesday. Soon you will want to make choices that include some advancement or change in the workplace. Now would be a good time to think long-term. You show a very determined and practical frame of mind on Thursday. You rarely reach conclusions without a great deal of cautious deliberation. This day calls for just that, a cautious deliberation. You manage to express your opinion or ideas this Friday in a group or collective context. You integrate your own goals and will also put up with a certain amount of what you perceive to be disturbing information from others. There is an attitude of enthusiasm and new beginnings in the air this Saturday. Snap decisions should be squelched.

business-horoscope-piscesWeekly Pisces Horoscope:

Surprised to find family members up early and ready to do things together this Sunday morning, you may decide to join in the activities. Family togetherness will continue to deepen. You may be reviewing your goals this Monday. A parent, mentor or loved one may have said or done something that reminds you of the expectations you had for your future when you were young. Legal matters may dominate your thoughts this Tuesday. Discipline and education may be the topics through which you will learn. You have your hands full with regard to your professional life this Wednesday, but all goes well. Romance is highlighted this evening. All in all, this Thursday is a productive and potentially satisfying day. Co-workers may watch you closely on some performance activity to mimic what you do and to gain some of the knowledge or skills that you have gained. This Friday is one of your more stressful days. Now that you know this you can create a better end result by taking plenty of breaks and getting outside for a while. Taking care of the necessary ingredients that help to make life comfortable and interesting–health, work and such–becomes a greater preoccupation this Saturday.

business-horoscope-aquariusWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:

Enjoy this Sunday. Make it a period of true grace, healing and wisdom. Interactions with teammates or co-workers go well this Monday. You may find that you are more talkative and easygoing than at other times. Some sort of temporary obstacle may appear this Tuesday. It may be one of those days when it is best to just play it cool. Discrimination is in knowing the realistic choices. Good luck is in your corner in the evening. This Wednesday is a good day for solving problems. You have been learning some new problem-solving techniques and you will find a way around almost any obstacle. You are in control and able to guide yourself with ease. You can become involved in your own healing or in someone else’s healing this Thursday. This may cause you to investigate these healing techniques so as to have a wider scope of understanding in the healing sciences. You could be promoted this Friday because of outside influences. Perhaps your special talents and courteous manner increase the possibility for praise from customers or the end result from your efforts is higher than most. You are able to multiply other people’s money. If you can, turn off any electrical cooling or heating elements this Saturday and enjoy the fresh air.

business-horoscope-ariesWeekly Aries horoscope:

Shopping for the essentials can be a fun undertaking, especially when you are with a friend or loved one this Sunday. You will receive compliments on Monday–not only from a loved one, but also from someone at work. You may be surprised this Tuesday by a compliment or by some recognition for a recent accomplishment. Perhaps you expected a little attention but you may have some recent kind act or achievement mentioned in the community newspaper. You are feeling good! You will work very hard to complete a particular project this Wednesday. If you are interested, this may be a good time to make or request some changes in your professional plans. Thursday may be a lucky day for you, but it could take some unexpected turns. Your life-long dream may be closer than you think. All it takes is the decision to move from the path you are on at this time. Your identity is evolving. Interruptions have run rampant these last few weeks but now all this is past and you can work without fear of time being so stressed. Politics in the workplace this Friday seems to have eased and better working conditions seem to be under way. Add a bit of humor and inventiveness to your Saturday and you will find your efforts pay well!

business-horoscope-taurusWeekly Taurus Horoscope:

You may find yourself in the library, researching or studying this Sunday. Teaching, learning, communicating and social contacts have a way of outlining new directions in your life. It is easy for you to get your message across to others on Monday. You may exhibit independent and excitable tendencies when your work is criticized, however. Your way of explaining things is helpful this Tuesday as there is some new equipment, technology or method with which all must learn to work. There are energies helping you with identifying, analyzing or searching for details or lost information this Wednesday. If you want to be in control, this would be a good time to guide or instruct others in matters of importance. This Thursday morning you take care of career needs or business matters. This is a high cycle day for you and much can be accomplished. You should be able to get your ideas across with ease this Friday. This is the beginning of a bright and witty day. Your communication skills are at a high-water mark. Through new studies you will make great leaps forward in your career. A jealous spat between two friends may gain your attention this Saturday. For the most part, this is a day of forward moving transactions.

business-horoscope-geminiWeekly Gemini Horoscope:

This Sunday is a great day to be with others and to play together. You are hopeful concerning money matters this Monday. There is a desire to excel in the workplace. To complete an important project earlier than expected, you will find sources equipped to solve problems and give you information. Quick answers, great wit and a surplus of insights and solutions are available on Tuesday. This combination works and is what it takes for a good round table discussion. One of your secret goals is very close to a completion. Bargain hunting with friends after work could be a challenge yet a good change of pace from your work this Wednesday. You show a great deal of interest in all family matters, particularly with regard to your general living environment. This Thursday is a great time to be with others and to work together. You may be sought after as just the person for a particular job. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best. It may be another person’s turn to lead the group at work this Friday. As a co-worker or group leader takes the lead, you will need to put your own pet project(s) and ideas temporarily on hold. Look for ways to help your loved ones this Saturday and they will pay you back with delight.

business-horoscope-cancerWeekly Cancer Horoscope:

There is much activity and involvement beginning with volunteer programs this Sunday. Remember to separate the two activities in your life as work in one avenue of life and volunteer in another avenue of life. Changes could occur in your environment that will shock you this Monday. You could find yourself becoming quite thrilled to finally see positive changes take place. Everyone seems motivated to work toward a praiseworthy end result this Tuesday. Your desire to succeed is particularly strong this Wednesday. This is a great time to be with others and to work together. You may be sought after as just the person for a particular job. Relationships are capable of transforming you. This Thursday is a time of real inner growth through other people. You will have an opportunity to work on your unconscious needs and motivations. Work, management abilities and intuitive insights are strong this Friday and make for speedy results in the workplace. Welcome the trials and oppositions that occur with your finances now because these are the tests that will let you know whether you can continue to use your methods of making money or change them. Take time to smell the roses this Saturday.

business-horoscope-leoWeekly Leo Horoscope:

Be aware that the aggravations this Sunday are short-lived. There will be flashes of psychic insights to guide you. You have the ability to accomplish whatever you set out to do this Monday. This afternoon you could be pulling out your hidden, creative ideas in order to decide about some changes or develop some new methods. Relax your need to be in total control this Tuesday. A meeting room holds many different personalities within the room or around a conference table. A proposal made by you or someone else may have to be carefully studied before any action is required. Your enthusiasm is contagious and before this Wednesday is over a difficult task or work project is completed earlier than planned. Your taste and judgment are fine-tuned now–you have your boss’s attention as well. A round table discussion in the workplace this Thursday may require you to listen closely–take notes. Buy yourself some time before giving an answer as you need time to consider all the angles. New ways to communicate or an easy manner will make conversations go well this Friday. Transformations in your personal life are positive this Saturday. Artistic, inspired projects are especially successful.

business-horoscope-virgoWeekly Virgo Horoscope:

Consciously, make your words positive this Sunday. Your highly critical eye is one of your strengths and when you express yourself in positive and practical ways, you move mountains. Misunderstandings and confusion may happen this Monday morning. With some effort, you can work past any problems by busying yourself in your work. Be cautious in promising more than you can deliver; however–timing is everything. Someone pays you compliments before you even punch the time clock this Tuesday. Perhaps you have new clothes. If you are working on a project and it seems to have lasted for way too long–know that it really will end soon. This Wednesday is a good time to generate, negotiate and conclude contracts of any type. This Thursday is an important day because it can open opportunities for you to make changes or corrections in the direction of your path. Be observant to the opportunities when they arise. This Friday, you may need to lean on your own self for support. In order to make a point today, you will probably find a clever way of expressing yourself. You are in an affectionate mood and will enjoy intimate moments with a loved one this Saturday morning.

business-horoscope-libraWeekly Libra Horoscope:

Any activity you want to become involved with is enjoyable this Sunday. A short trip or a long weekend travel plan may be considered or begun now. Minor irritations are short-lived. You may have to hold your breath and count to ten before you answer someone this Monday. The work you do and the way you take care of health and other mundane obligations are important keys to your best potentials, in many respects. Your duties in the workplace may change this Tuesday. You are encouraged to teach others and may want to give some thought as to how you can continue some new activity and be paid for it. You may be surprised at the results. This Wednesday is a good time for clear deliberation and solving problem. Be careful that your time is not totally absorbed by another this Thursday–you could forget your job. You are against any sort of change but this Friday a change may be brewing in the employment sector. Think your plans through before acting them out now. Do not burn any bridges behind you. Outer circumstances tend to work in your favor this Saturday. Take advantage of the gradual metamorphosis that is taking place within you now and get to know the adventurer and achiever that are inside of you.

business-horoscope-scorpioWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:

This Sunday is the day to start a new adventure–you have good thoughts and ideas. If any part of your job involves writing, this Monday you may open up into a wondrous path of discovery. You have a natural writing talent that makes potential customers–permanent ones. You begin to know yourself better and all sorts of creative avenues open up to you now. Others will find you quick-minded and full of enthusiasm this Tuesday. Your comprehension of issues is broadened and you have a positive attitude. You find yourself in a very practical mood on Wednesday and you are good at working with instead of against yourself. Find tools this Thursday that will help you practice expressing the real person on the inside of you. There are corrections and improvements in the way you view your professional life this Friday. There are gains and profits now through June. One of the best financial benefits for you will be during an upcoming trip. Keeping things lighthearted is a good way to start out the weekend and that is where your energy is focused this Saturday. A visit to the zoo with family or friends brings your thinking around to cooking for your own animals. Later today you may do a little cooking for your faithful pets.

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