4 Books that hold the secret to happiness according to the science

 4 Books that hold the secret to happiness according to the science

Our brains get stimulated by different air, smells, and sounds. We tend to move in the direction they find attractive and useful for them. When an external force is applied, we no more live in a straight line. This external force is powerful when it comes in the form of books. Reading books can completely knock your life of its mundane straight line and change everything about you. Apart from our grueling work schedule when we find to read, it makes us happy. It is because reading books answers most of our life’s questions. There are so many books to read about history, social issues, etc. that broaden our worldview and make us learn about ourselves.

The following are the books that hold the secret to create the life you want to live and boost your happiness. These are fully backed by science and are recommended to start living your ideal life.

The Happiness Track:

Author: Emma Seppala, Ph.D.

In this book, the author reveals a connection between happiness and success. It explains how both can be achieved by providing practical strategies that can help to achieve them in life. Reducing stress may seem daunting to many but this book explains how living a fulfilling, rewarding, and stress-free life can be achieved easily.

When; The Scientific Secret of Perfect Timing:

Author: Daniel H. Pink

This is a book that explains how precious time is and how can we make the most of it. It brings out a surprising amount of insight and practical advice for the readers. Our lives are all about making never-ending decisions i.e. when to start with a program when to get a scheduled class etc. according to the author, this all is based on time and certain studies have shown that timing is really a science. A lot of scientific research has been given in the book to make the non-believers believe the benefits of meditation.

The Power of Meaning:

Author: Emily Esfahani Smith

Searching for a meaning in life is an esoteric pursuit for many of us. We think that finding meaning in life is a tough journey that requires us to go through dusty volumes of our lives. But the author in this book proves that finding meaning in life is possible. Anyone seeking a life that matters, this is a beautiful description of how to explore and imbue their lives with meaning.

Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection

Author: Sharon Salzberg

This book is a creative tool to strip away layers of negative habits and engage with the present experience by creating deeper relationships with yourself and your loved ones. It provides a number of mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques to help you truly understand the process of mediation.

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