The mother and her partner are accused of murdering autistic 8-year-old daughter, dumping her body in a wooded area, and reporting her missing

 The mother and her partner are accused of murdering autistic 8-year-old daughter, dumping her body in a wooded area, and reporting her missing

Image source: The Charleston Press

Monitoring a child with autism appears to be one of the most difficult problems that parents might face. Unfortunately, some parents are just unprepared for the work and commitment required to meet all of their autistic children’s needs.

So it was with a mother and her partner, who is now suspected in the killing of an 8-year-old autistic child who was reportedly killed and left in a wooded area where officials found her dead body a few days after her mother reported her missing.

According to the incident report, the victim’s 27-year-old mother, known as B. Hall, and her partner were arrested and placed in jail for the killing of Nicole, 8, after her body was discovered in a wooded area Tuesday morning.

Hall reported her autistic daughter missing early Sunday morning, informing local authorities that her daughter disappeared from their Georgia home between late Saturday night and 1 a.m. on Sunday. When authorities initially made the case public, they stated that the girl’s life might be at risk because of her condition, but they did not disclose any other information.

The search lasted two days until Tuesday morning when investigators found Nicole dead in a wooded area near the Stone Mill Trace community in DeKalb County around 10:45 a.m. Nicole’s mother had already been arrested on other charges when local police discovered the young girl.

“Unfortunately, these are not the results we hoped for,” Police Chief J.D. McClure said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

According to the warrant paperwork, Hall was detained and is facing many child cruelty allegations coming from incidents in July. Records show that the mother is suspected of violently abusing her three children in an event that was captured on tape. According to the warrants, the woman hit one child on the back and face many times before striking and kicking another.

The police are now considering charging Hall for destroying evidence of her daughter’s death.

Hall’s boyfriend, identified as 29-year-old C. Owens, was also detained for multiple charges, including multiple charges of cruelty to children, according to police. According to the police, Owens is facing murder charges in the death of Nicole, but he did not disclose any other information about what investigators have found so far in this. Owens was imprisoned without bond.

Hall’s neighbors verified that she was new to the area. Hall, according to them, went into a motel and stayed there for about three months. Hall had been living in the motel with Nicole and two other siblings until last weekend when she reported the girl missing.

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