The Endless Beauties of Switzerland

 The Endless Beauties of Switzerland

the-endless-beauties-of-switzerlandFlower-laden meadows, bell-ringing cows, waterfalls, serene lakes, chocolates for the lovers, fairy-tale mountains and pure rustic beauty mixed with the charms of modern lure, yes, this is what Switzerland is all about!

Small, but rich with culture, beauty and magnificent mountains, Switzerland is a paradise for hikers, train buffs, romantics and adventurers to live the breathtaking beauty at its peak. Switzerland, with an innumerable number of mountains and valleys offers a countless variety of seasons, colors, landscapes, from cities made on serene waters to lush walkable fields of flowers to icy cold mountains, is one of the best vacations spot.

Each season in Switzerland comes with a different theme, making it an ultimate vacation spot for travelers. December to April is the ski season, with loads of snow on the mountains along with some beautiful sunny days. June and August becomes a reflection of fairy’s meadow with myriads of wild flowers blooming on the lush mountains. September and October is the quietest time of the year with little haze, superb views and quiet and peaceful afternoons. May and November are off-seasons with lots of rain showers, making it chilly and wet.

Bernese Oberland is an enchanting destination in Switzerland. It’s a small car-free village surrounded by the kind of mountain panorama you can only dream about. Plus don’t forget to tantalize your senses with the rustic charm of wildflowers, bell-ringing cows, waterfalls and quite trails as you hike through the lush fields.

The sun-kissed Italian region of Switzerland is known as Ticino, where Alps amalgamate with Mediterranean. Ticino doesn’t have the huge mountains but its serene lakes, forested hills and a perfect sunny season makes it an ultimate destination to relax for a day or two. Lugano is Ticino’s prettiest city. Lugano boasts a pedestrian-only downtown core, filled with piazzas and cafes, and a beautiful palm-tree lined lakefront. It’s great for shopping, people-watching, swimming in the lake and short excursions to nearby sights.

Zermatt is Switzerland’s top travel destination. A lively and bustling village existing beautifully at the base of gigantic Matterhorn Mountain, which anchors a landscape filled with impressive mountains. At its base is Zarmatt village, a charming little town with over 100 hotels, and dark, wooden chalets down narrow side-streets and in the small, centuries-old hamlets that surround the village.

Zurich is yet another enchanting destination in Switzerland, famous for its pretty lakes, lively nightlife, great restaurants and stylish shops making Switzerland truly an ultimate vacation spot for all those travelers who are fond of variety.


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